Jul 28, 2013

Spider Love Bite

I got a spider bite on my arm today - moving some wood out of the storage unit. I don't know what kind of spider it was - we have quite a few dangerous varieties here in Washington State. I didn't even feel the bite, I only noticed it after my skin turned red.

The funny thing was that Greg at Superversity posted a cartoon of Spiderman and the Hulk at the urinal today, and this was a few days after Synchronize posted Episode 3 - which included an interview with myself and Alan Abbadessa-Green and Andras Jones (among others). More urinals.

I. P. Freely
Andras emailed us a copy of the Radio 8ball song selection: Looks Like Mona Lisa by Michelle Shocked, which was a 3.8 MB file. This was sync-nificant because ever since the Black 308 Incident, I've associated the 3 (the trident of Poseidon/Shiva) with the 8 (spider's web/Arachne's weaving). The meaning of these symbols are still revealing themselves, but right now, the spider's web is representing the underlying weave of consciousness that sits beneath, and is responsible for, our 3D reality. Sort of like the code that is responsible for the images you see on your computer screen.

The trident is the mechanism by which the subconscious alters the weave, thus altering the 3D code, thus changing the experience that we perceive as "the real world". Got that? Me neither, but it's the start of my thesis.

When I see a strong 38 or 308 sync, it means I'm getting closer to cracking the code. I've had a ton of those this month. The spider bite is either a warning or a receipt, probably both. I guess we'll know by tomorrow, I could be in the hospital if it was a brown recluse.


NOTES: Peter Parker was bitten by a radio-active spider. A Radio Free Albemuth spider? Ever since Fukushima, every spider in Washington State is radio active. High levels of Tritium...

Spidey sense: tingling

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Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

Hey, Michael, greetings. I only just found this web logue, Humans Of New York, yesterday day. It features candid photos with sometimes all too brief, sometimes lengthy story-like extrapolations to go with Brandon Stanton's œuvre, all centered around Gotham's denizens & those from its immediate environs. This one particular one (just click on the glowing quote), "My idol is the Hulk.", would do well to go with this particular blogticle of yours. Have fun looking around. Peace out.

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