Sep 10, 2012

Drive By Web Shot

Italian convertibles are called "spyders"
This sharp black Ferrari 308 drove by a few weeks ago in downtown Kirkland, I barely had time to shoot the pic and when I downloaded it I saw all these arrows pointing at it!? I took this rather seriously, since Magnum P.I. drove a Ferrari 308 - a challenge to my sync detective abilities. Suddenly it was all about threes and eights.

Spidey senses tingling...
Then I saw this three wheeled contraption with a spider logo on the front. Hmmm.... eight, spiders - the weavers of webs (this is what we call a sync 2x4). That's when I saw a kid with a web tattoo on his face? so of course I think of the web slinger, Arachne's brother.

Web slingers never clean up their mess.
And then I was walking by the playground at Grass Lawn Park (above) And I began to see the web laid all over everything.

Plaid lads from Superversity
3D model images from
The matrix of our reality can be visualized as a web-like grid of mathematical construction, much like a 3D model is really just a bunch of math and code. The web of inter-related lines graphically presents how inter-connected we all are, woven of the same stuff, and how pulling one thread can effect the entire blanket of our reality.

I was doing some WEB design today, using an HTML editor called Dreamweaver. This makes rather obvious sense - the web of conscious experience is woven by the subconscious mind. I like to think I'm a webmaster apprentice, perhaps I should start wearing plaid. Or maybe not.

I was stumped on the 3. It can mean so many things from the holy trinity to the points that define a triangle or represent a pyramid. But then I was at a funeral for D. Bow King last Wednesday and my folks talked about the cruise they all took on a giant trimaran. Trimaran = trident, at least on this blog.

I was on the ferry to the funeral (the underworld) and I saw this guy wearing a spiderman t-shirt in front of a guy reading a book in front of a guy wearing a Mariner's "trident" cap. The trident for sure! That triple pronged arrow of Shiva, Satan or Poseidon - all Lords of the subconscious.

Me, Myself and I
I see the man in the middle as my conscious self, reading. The man in the trident cap represents my subconscious reading along, just over my shoulder. He's creating the web of reality that I see projected in front of me. A Plato's Cave moment.

I was musing about the "horned hand", triple pronged sign of our web slinger, and how our favorite politicos share a similar signal - the sign of the weaver. Just because they weave, doesn't mean they have any skill. Any 3D computer modeler or spinner knows that it's important to keep the web as uniform as possible, warps and  wefts all neatly laid out. Who knows what kind of trouble a tangled web might bring?

Weaving spiders come not here.

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Alan Abbadessa-Green said...

F-ing great post, Michael! I like your triple persona sitting in a row.

That MagnumPi/HanSolo video was surprisingly awesome. I think I'd watch a SoloPI.

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