Sep 12, 2012

iPhone 5 Home

Today. Sept 12, is iPhone 5 day - the unveiling of the phone that is supposed to save the nation. This is a curious sync because I watched Captain America - The First Avenger, the evening of 9/11. I hadn't planned it, just discovered it was available on Netflix.

It's curious because Captain America is also the savior of the nation, and he's all about the five pointed star - the pentagram. I call him the masculine Columbia. Here he is, first using the door/gate of a Lucky Star cab as a shield.

The Lucky Star Gate
I've been carrying around 5 copper pennies in my pocket lately, mostly because I keep seeing a copper colored Honda Element stalking me, and I know this makes me crazy, but because of the JC Penney's in the background of the Twin Pines Mall in Back to the Future. The Honda Element represents The Fifth Element. Maybe the iPhone 5 represents a better connection? I mean, Jobs was Moses, right? He's all about "text messaging God".

The cosmic cube book mobile
I had to borrow some cash from Varen for lunch, he gave me a $5 bill, and a) Lincoln is on the penny and the $5 and b) he was the savior of the nation.

Peggy Sue, I love you
Captain America (Steve Rogers) is a gene-spliced super soldier from WWII, while his arch-nemesis is Red Skull (Johann Schmidt), a gene-spliced super Nazi (Not-See). (Red Skull played by Hugo Weaving, another spider sync.) They battle it out and even though Schmidt is more intelligent and ruthless, Cap has a secret weapon - Peggy Carter. Peggy is the dark-haired girl who has faith in him, and I know this is a stretch but she is also represented by the Cosmic Cube that Red Skull covets.

Joe Johnston directed Captain America and The Rocketeer, they are almost the same movie. The cosmic cube is the rocket pack, Jenny is Peggy, and all of them are the Fifth Element - the aether, or Quintessence. The Nazis understand the power of the subconscious, but they don't want a relationship - they just want control.

The United States, at least before it was completely taken over by paper clipped Nazis, represented a divine union between ego and Id, often called the alchemical wedding - E pluribus unum. That's why Joe has Steve Rogers busting through a bridal shop, dressed in white, right after his transformation - he becomes "The Bride of Christ".

This is MY wedding, bitch!
Perhaps Captain America isn't so much gene-spliced as Jean spliced.

What, are we spinning webs again?
I imagine that Joe is perfectly conscious of all the symbolism in his films, though it is entirely possible that he's not. It's the little things, like that "Audrey's Bridal Wear" shot, and the fact that the first shield is a red star, that makes me wonder if Joe isn't a secret patriot.

"The Nazis took over their own country first." ~Dr. Abraham Erskine

Put that into your Jungian pipe and smoke it.


Eleleth ר ק D said...

Joe has Steve Rogers busting through a bridal shop, dressed in white, right after his transformation - he becomes "The Bride of Christ".

Christopher Darren Horn said...

Cool stuff! I watched that on Netflix a couple of weeks ago. Loved the movie. I had a friend, in hight school, who loved the Phoenix stories in X-men and drew his own interpretation of a male version of the phoenix. He was a really talented artist, I paid him to draw some characters from marvel for me. Wonder-Man, Sunspot and Iron-Man, they were all beautiful and worthy of Perez (one of my favorite comic artists). His art also had a touch of John Byrne, who I loved as well. His male version of the phoenix stuck in my head over the years and I can still recall how he looked. Neat post, brought a lot of memories back, flooding my head.

Eleleth ר ק D said...

The Real Thing is in aisle 5

Or perhaps Jenny (Siri the VALIS AI Voice) has the Apple Fifth Avenue Glass Cube

"The power within the Cube allows whoever wields it to literally reshape reality around him."

GreggerMan said...

I don't know whether or not the director of Cappie America was aware of the rampant symbolism in his little comic book movie, but I certainly didn't catch all that stuff and I've seen the film twice. Thanks for cluing me in.

Also, Cappie has wings on his cap which remind me of Winged Victory, Mercury/Hermes and "Messengers of The Gods".


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