Sep 1, 2012

Labor Day and the Moms of Production

I've been reading about the Beat Poets and their rebel cause - a rejection of the American materialism that was being built around them - the fascist state of Leave it to Beaver. Most of them were leftists and a good deal were homosexuals, the derogatory term "commie pinko fag" being well earned.

But now, gays are welcomed into the black iron prison along with all the rest - equal opportunity slavery. Hell, we even have a black man as leader of the empire now, and we like to pretend that means the empire is getting sweeter, but really, who are we kidding?

The Means of Production

It's the famous Labor Day Weekend, the last chance for worker drones to enjoy summer before "I owe, I owe, it's off to work we go". Thoughts naturally turn to a socialist tilt about now, and I was musing how my marxist friends are always going on about "the control of the means of production". That's key. "They" control it, "we" work in the factory. "We" should control it, then everything would be cool.

The Memes of Production

The first thing anyone who has any designs on changing the world order goes after is the media. The means of production first begin as the memes of production - ideas. Ideas are controlled through the media, and once those are controlled, the wheels of industry can begin to turn in your direction. That's why media managers at Black Iron Prison Inc. are so well compensated - they run the Memes of Production.

The Moms of Production

If you look at garment factory pics, it's women who do most of the work, and making the world is indeed "women's work". She is the divine subconscious, the creator or weaver of our reality. She gets told what to do, and in minutes, the sewing machines of the 3D reality engine begin churning, and out comes the Simplicity Pattern of your life.

And that's why it's really important to control the Moms of Production, if you want any customization in the pattern that is being fit. It's one size fits all in the mass media meme machine, choose your pattern - soldier, sailor, tinker, spy, but it's all off the rack, you know?

Seize the means of production - the factories and factory towns, and the memes of production - the media and all their outlets, but you will still be left empty handed, robbed of your work, unless you gain control of the Moms of Production - your very own subconscious.

Of course, the divine paradox is that you cannot tame the shrew until you submit to her. I'm trying to listen to my inner subconscious worker, maybe let her run the factory for a while. Who knows what kind of garment she might sew, and to what she might give birth.

Happy Labor Day, everyone. May we not labor in vain.


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Very good post Michael and very true.

John said...

So, here I am in RED-neck Central Florida, and linked-to from some forgotten where I've just read a perceptive Marxist take on the current economy, "Work Isn't Working":

... and then I check up on Michael and this post is up top. :-)

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I left a comment at the
"Look At All The Happy Creatures" blog about the book
"Nine Kinds of Naked",and on the home page of the site -
Tony has excerpt of his book (chapter 19)
" In 1936, during the depths of the Great Depression, forty young women arrived at the Cooper Pants Factory near Gainesville, Florida, sat down at their sewing machines, and set about stitching hems and seams, another dreary day in the land of opportunity. Shortly after they began their busywork, and as if this debasement of their imagination were not tragic enough, a tornado came along and bumped into the factory. Thirty-nine of the forty women ran panicked and screaming to the stairwell; a Mrs. Boyd Shaw remained at her station. She had inadvertently sewn her own dress into the seam she was stitching, and was unable to beat the hasty retreat. As she struggled to free herself, the tornado ripped the roof from the building, ultimately causing it to collapse, but not before it tore Mrs. Boyd Shaw clean out of her clothes and tossed her a block away, stark naked and bruised, but otherwise fine. All thirty-nine of her coworkers died in the ensuing inferno that consumed the factory".

And the book is about synchronicity,in fact Tony claims he wrote the whole thing by using ideas that would just come to him synchronisticly.

Michael said...

Thanks you guys. This whole subconscious as the weaver of reality thing is really speaking to me. That's an amazing story - what if our seamstress (seem stress?) is bored to tears with the Simplicity Patterns she's given?

I told my subconscious that she could take the day off today, no syncs or shit, just enjoy yourself. So of course she whips up a sync to Look For the Union Label -

Apparently she never takes a day off.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

That union label clip was a classic sync considering Chris Knowles's most recent post today -

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