Apr 23, 2010

Vulcan Scientists Say...

 Apparently Iceland’s great fart in the general direction of Europe has got the NYT thinking about transportation alternatives in this article: The New Age of Travel: Blimps and Beyond. It includes this amazing 3D visualization from Seymourpowell Aircruise - a luxury pyramid/diamond that is proposed to somehow make it from NYC to London in 37 hours, despite no visible means of propulsion beyond wishful thinking - and by wishful thinking I mean STOLEN ALIEN TECHNOLOGY!?

The interior design is somewhere between Star Trek’s Ten-Forward and alien Catholic church, reinforced by the "tubular bellsish" audio. We see the craft landing on a docking tower, and hovering over similar towers in various cities around the world. The Empire State building was originally designed as a Zeppelin dock, and some have mused that the ancient pyramids were built for a similar purpose.

This presentation is sponsored by Samsung, a Korean company. Here's the Korean docking tower, all ready to go.

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Devin said...

Very cool Michael !! thanks for posting the video too-it is fascinating to me how "technology" long thought dead is coming around again so to speak-all the best to you and Var my friend!!

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