Apr 29, 2010

Upside Down

Artist Ross Watson depicts gay porn icon Francois Sagat as St. Peter:
"I was motivated by the Vatican's position on homosexuality, and its ban on condom use, to create a painting which references Caravaggio's ‘Crucifiction of St Peter', and features French gay porn icon, Francois Sagat."

"Francois Sagat continues to play a valuable role in the area of HIV/AIDS prevention and education. I wanted to acknowledge that in the painting, whilst tying it to the Vatican," comments Watson. "In contrast, the Vatican uses its status in the UN General Assembly to obstruct the promotion of condoms as protection against HIV/AIDS, and sexuality education in school curricular."

"Some will regard the painting as provocative, but I don't believe it is in contrast to the Vatican's position on these issues. The Pope's 2nd in charge recently claimed homosexuality and pedophelia are linked. That enraged me. It seems just and deserving to depict Francois Sagat as a contemporary saint, given he is helping to save lives, rather than contributing to causing illness and deaths for millions."
Hat tip to Unnatural Devotions.
Synch hat trick by Sean at Buff Muscles, who's latest post "Upsy Daisy" features an upside down gymnast, and is also featuring NEW erotic stories by... Peter!

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