Apr 4, 2010

Peter Pumpkinhead

Rarely has the Easter story been told as well as The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead, by XTC. XTC's original video is full of allusions to JFK and conspiracy, though lately I'm liking the Crash Test Dummies interpretation better, and since it was made for the film Dumb & Dumber, it seems like The Fool is all over this one.

I attended Easter Service at a little Methodist Church in Ballard today. They are the antithesis of the glitzy mega-church, and the pastor has done an amazing job of shepherding his flock through the last 10 years. I call them the "Charlie Brown Church" - small but sincere. It occurs to me that Linus always faithfully waited in the pumpkin patch for the resurrection of the Great Pumpkin.

Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead - Crash Test Dummies


Anadæ Effro said...

Hah hah! Funnily enough, Michael, the original inceptor of this ditty, Andy Partridge, created a furor, albeitly quite unintentionally, with his little number, Dear God. Also, have ya ever seen the nightmarish children's film, Return to Oz yet? There's a pumpkin-headed character in it. It's from '85 & definitely not for the very young child, in case anyone out there in Bloggersville has any family viewing designs with it in mind. Best to you & Var always. I've already got 80˚ weather here already in the Old Dominion. I'm dreading what the summer'll bring. You? ~ (•8-D

Michael said...

Hi Anadae, I read Return to Oz when I was a kid, and I DO remember the pumpkinhead character, who also stars in a Nightmare Before Christmas. My favorite Punk'inhead will always be the Headless Horseman, though.

We were having a nice early Spring, but lately Rose Hill is back in the low 50's! We have TONS of lettuce, chard, spinach, etc. planted in the garden now. Call us the Jolly Green Giants! :-) Hi to YOUR giant, BTW, and all the best.

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