Apr 20, 2010

V is for Volcano

“It was the last wish of the Icelandic economy that its ashes be spread over Europe”
As Northern Europe cancelled 17,000 flights a DAY last weekend, I idly wondered how much this Icelandic ash cloud is daily costing Europe... in Euros and cents. Not that I really care but it’s gotta be an enormous amount. I almost weep for Sir Richard Branson!

You may know that Iceland’s economy was ruined in late 2008 via neo-liberal banking shenanigans, slung into global debtor’s prison and threw away the key they did, to the tune of $5.4 billion in debt. That’s $17,003.00 per every Icelander - man, woman and child. This was the same shit pulled on Wall St., where loses due to spectacular collapses of banking PYRAMID schemes were promptly “off-shored” to the citizens.

The UK government and banks were implicated in the fraud, and I see that the angry cloud hits hardest on the British Isles. I’ve noted before how the British Isles are one (of many) Atlantis resonators, with some esotericists believing the Emerald Isles containing the last remnant of an “angelic” Atlantean Race. Atlantis, as we recall, was destroyed via some disaster due to its own arrogance, and it is difficult to find a better word than “arrogant” to describe the attitude of an investment “bankster”.

Whatever the UK bankers gained from the plunder of Iceland, I’m guessing they are losing a good percentage of it every single day that the angry volcano smolders. If the Vulcanologists are right, and Katla, the volcano’s bigger brother also goes off, then it could mean a disaster for European farming and commerce that hasn’t been felt since well... 1784. That previous Icelandic ash event caused such hardship for the French peasantry that it created conditions ripe for revolution. “Let them eat cake” was the line that cost Marie Antoinette her head, and the reign of the Sun Kings was eclipsed under a cloud of ash and a merciless guillotine.

It is curious that a year ago last April we were watching Susan Boyle erupt into global consciousness singing “I Dreamed a Dream” - an “anthem” from Les Miserables (set during the French Revolution), which I tied to the “Tea Parties” that were also springing up around the country.

Also interesting to me is how “Death and Taxes” are so closely aligned in April, with Easter Sunday and Tax Day falling approx. two weeks apart.

The ongoing Tea Parties are one result of the Wall Street bailout of 2008, a clever method for the citizenry to blow off steam at Obama while diverting attention away from the men in suits behind the curtain. As we’ve noted before, the Tea Partiers are closing the barn door after the horses have fled. The Raiders are gone, leaving Barack Obama to face down the pitchforks.

My own “tax day” gives me an odd 666 synch, and for me, the “impossible” 666 synch has become the “pay attention to the Dreaming Mind” signal. Much like the Bat signal - a sign from the Underworld. This sign could be any symbol, of course, but when you were raised in a fundamentalist environment, it tends to get your attention!

Speaking of "bat signals" here's how Goldman Sachs HQ looked during W's 2006 campaign. Via Winter Patriot.

I’m also reminded how I had a strange “beheading” waking dream sequence at Bellevue Downtown Park (A Shropshire Lad), and now I wonder if this was perhaps a foreshadowing of the guillotine. “Downtown” is NYC speak for the financial sector, which also carries strong Atlantean, pyramidal, alien mojo.

And also, my Easter Voodoo Experience was brought to me via a “Joy and Justice” church in Ballard, Trinity United Methodist. I note that only a week before Easter, Glenn Beck called out churches that included phrases like “economic justice” in their credo as wearing a secret Swastika or Hammer & Sickle! Yes, Glenn's masters know just how dangerous true economic justice might be.

No matter, we still prayed our prayer (conjured up our alternate reality) for justice:
I pledge, o God, to discover how much is enough for me to be truly fulfilled, neither rich nor poor, and to consume only that. I pledge, o God, to be part of the discovery of how much would be enough for everyone... not only to survive but to thrive... and to to find ways for them to have access to that. May this offering of restraint and justice teach me to live like Jesus, healing my life and the life of the world. Amen.
And perhaps I spoke too soon about the effectiveness of this kind of voodoo magic. I wonder... did I, and the congregation, step through a sort of stargate into an imagined reality, which is now rapidly being made manifest? Have I, (and you too, apparently) left behind a reality cube where the Icelandic volcano never erupted? We’ll never know, because the field of causality always quickly closes behind a singularity event.

April 4 was the 42nd Anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination. MLK was from Atlanta (Atlantis) Georgia, and oddly enough, Seattle’s King County has taken on his image as their official seal.

MLK is the “Black Jesus”, or using more ancient iconography, Osiris. I’ve been wondering what it might mean if Horus WAS actually rising, as seemed so apparent in the symbolism around the 33rd America’s Cup. If Horus is alive, he would soon get to avenging his father’s death! It seems like Justice is the meme for today. It takes considerable courage to pray for global economic justice while sitting all comfy within the walls of Babylon/Jericho, but these church folks knew that. And they STILL prayed the prayer!

Today is also 4:20, a day remembered by Nazis as the day their Fuhrer took his own life. It is also the Day of Weed - unofficial Hemp Day. We took a puff. Iceland also has an association with Hitler. The esoteric name for Iceland is Ultima Thule, and apparently the German SS was strangely attracted:
Otto Rahn believed that the Cathars who guarded the Holy Grail in their castle at Montsegur, could be traced back to Druids who converted to Manichaeism. The Druids in Britain being forerunners of the Celtic "Christian" Church. He also saw in the culture of the mediaeval Cathar stronghold of Languedoc strong resemblances to the Druids. Their priests akin to the Cathar Parfaits. The Cathar secret wisdom being preserved by the later troubadours of the medieval courts of France, who it is believed gave Wolfram von Eschenbach the story of Parzival.

After Hitler took power in 1933, Rahn lived in Berlin devoting himself to further studies of the Grail. His quest for a secret primordial religious tradition, the Religion of Light, came to the attention of Nazi SS leader Heinrich Himmler who sought Rahn's collaboration in SS sponsored research. His talents were soon recognised by his superiors. Pursuaded to formally join the SS in 1936, within a matter of weeks Otto Rahn was promoted to SS-Unterscharfuhrer. In the summer of 1936 he undertook an expedition to Iceland by order of the SS. Highlights of this Grail journey formed part of some chapters in his second and final book "Lucifer's Courtiers" published in 1937.

At some point however, Otto Rahn fell into disgrace with the Nazi hierarchy in 1937 and for disciplinary reasons and was assigned a tour of duty at the Dachau concentration camp. Rahn began to talk freely. He opposed the coming war, believing instead that Germany and Europe should be transformed into a race of "Pure Ones" or Cathars. In the new year of 1939, Rahn submitted his letter of resignation from the SS to Karl Wolff writing: 'Unfortunately, I must ask you to intervene with the Reichsfuhrer [Himmler] for my immediate discharge from the SS. The reasons that have led me to this resolution, this decision, are of so grave a nature' A few weeks later he was dead. Otto Rahn was dismissed from the SS on 17 March 1939, four days after his death. --Grailcode
The Third Seal

But this is the most obscure and yet meaningful synch to me. Because a friend emailed me on Friday with a very odd question. “What are three scrolls?” she asked, and since I was so resonating with the 666 thing, I looked it up in the Apocalypse - the unsealing of the third scroll:
When the Lamb opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, "Come!" I looked, and there before me was a black horse! Its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand. Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, "A quart of wheat for a day's wages, and three quarts of barley for a day's wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine!" --Revelation 6:5-6
Perhaps the rider on the black horse with the scales represents economic justice. Something that would quite naturally accompany the birth of Horus/Christ, and also quite naturally, something to be strongly opposed by the status quo. A new French Revolution? Or perhaps an Evolution of human consciousness. Only the volcano knows for sure.


John said...

I have been wondering recently if the general ineffectiveness of Christian prayer (say, a child praying for a pony) comes from the violation of the "laws of magic." Much of the application of these laws can be described as the creation in the magician of strong intent.

So, for example, when a child in Church prays, "Please, God, give me a pony," the child misplaces intent; instead of developing it within herself, she *requests* God develop this intent *within God.* God of course ignores this.

On the other hand, a child-magician would formulate the prayer along the lines of, "God, it is my True Will and Intent that I will have a pony."

Even at the most mundane level of interpretation, which holds that magic is an operation of the subconscious mind, you can readily see that the child-magician's approach gives specific directions to the subconscious, which will then begin to alter the child's behavior in directions that increase the likelihood of obtaining a pony. However, the Christian child's request to the subconscious 'God' is simply another of a long string of wishes the child has pronounced, and will be summarily ignored.

That Christian prayer violates the laws of magic is probably deliberate policy on the part of the Church; prior to the Nicene Council, two of the most common portrayals of Jesus in art were Jesus as Magician; sometimes as an old bearded man with a staff, other times as a young man with a magic wand.

Michael said...

Now THAT's a comment. :-)

Maybe the church put a symbolic "binder" on individual prayers. Only "church approved" prayers to the Id get through. All your personal prayers? They're in the pipeline!

Perhaps the Catholic/Methodist Mass doesn't violate the law of magic so much as "channel" the wills of the congregation "through" the priest to the Id. That's why it's so important to have the priests all be gay, ashamed, and easily lead by the Pope.

Devin said...

Wonderful article Michael - in another comment i put that 666 has followed me in two unrelated official docs in recent years
couldn't agree more about the tea partyers blowing off steam without looking at the man behind the curtain - Americans will NEVER realize (i dont think anyway)that there are a bunch of evil folk who run this show and think nothing about crashing a nation or nations plural as in the Asian Contagion of 97 or 98 I believe - not to mention Argentina and others - and of course think nothing of collapsing tall buildings with thousands of people in them either!!!!!!!
I used to have some hope for the future - I dont anymore - I don't care if I see tomorrow - in fact we may be entering the time "when the living will envy the dead"
per Nostradamus i think - not that I am a huge Nost/Cayce et al fan
haha in other economic news China just found out the other day that some ahem "gold" we sold them to cover some of our horrific debts was actually tungsten made to look like gold hahahahaha
i agree with another blogger that this is a major signpost to WW3
the next set of catastrophes and wars are going to make WW2 look like a "tea party" no pun intended
all the best as always to you and Var!!!!!!!

DarkStar888 said...
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DarkStar888 said...

Great post Michael. Here is some sync for you...

Iceland ASHES – Oklahoma Bombing ASHES!

Ash from the Iceland Volcano has hindered air travel for days. Now the winds are shifting and some of the ash is passing over Newfoundland and eastern Canada. The suggestion with this movement relates to the AIRPLANES that were used in the World Trade Center attack of 9-11. The weapons used were AIRPLANES. They were supposedly hijacked but changed directions in mid-flight, only to later strike the Twin Towers.

The Iceland Volcano is linked with AIR TRAVEL, and the shift in the direction is a subliminal relating to the WTC attack. Reporting in the media outlets, all throughout the Iceland Volcano event, has constantly been reminding us of how this is similar to the WTC attack, only far worse.

The suggestion that has been repeatedly made which links the Iceland Volcano to the WTC attack is also coinciding with the Oklahoma City Bombing of APRIL 19, 1995. This is the 15th anniversary of that bombing. The number 15 is the number of the DEITY, the luciferian egregore Thought Process.

The 1st attack leading up to the WTC attack was the Oklahoma City Bombing on April 19, 1995. There were a total of 168 people killed in the Oklahoma Bombing, however, there were 19 CHILDREN killed. The children’s deaths relate to the previous suggestions corresponding to such things, (but not the only thing), as the nursery rhyme, Ring Around The Rosie. Even though the United States children actually were taught to sing ASHES, ASHES, the other countries of the world used phrases that still suggested ASHES, by the simple sound, and/or, other children’s stories and games that would support the subliminal being extended in the phrase they were taught.

In Canada – HUSHA, HUSHA (or Ashes, Ashes)

In UK, Ireland, South Africa,

Australia – AH TISSOO! AH TISSOO! (or Ashes, Ashes)

In India – HUSHA, BUSHA. (or Ashes, Burning Bush of Moses)

In Australia and New Zealand – (followed by The COWS are in the meadow, Eating buttercups…


Michael said...

Dev - the banksters do need to be brought down. Perhaps the volcano is lending a hand. I love the gold/tungsten story (which is no doubt a silly rumor, the Chinese ALWAYS test the merchandise, hell, they practically invented trading) However what I like is that tungsten is the filament in a light bulb. So esoterically, the U.S. gave them "light", but they refused it for a mineral.

Darkstar8888 - As per, those synchs are beyond wild. I wonder if "Ash Wednesday" has anything to contribute? Wednesday's child is full of Woe. Of course, if you're a Sun Day child, you're gay!

Anadæ Effro said...

Hah! My wv for this is fistange, as in it is DANGEROUS to fist. No shit, Sherlock. Oh, sorry. Speaking of ash, Darkstar888 overlooked that the first man, Ask, was made from an ash tree, the first woman, Embla, from an elm. Anywho, in the Norse tradition they are/were. Wunderbar blogticle, this. Just wait 'til some far-flung extra coronal mass ejection from good Ol' Sol knocks out the Internet one of these days. let alone vulcanism disrupted air commuting. Some scientists think that mayhap, just mayhap, the humongous extinct volcano in Toba was the reason that the dinosaurs went missing. Holy fuckin' shit. A volcano, not an asteroid on a collision course with Earth. well, doesn't that just take the cake? Have an excellent weekend, you & Var ~ (•8-D

Anadæ Effro said...

Oh, no! My wv for this is rellya, and in R'lyeh Cthulhu lies sleeping. Uh oh. Well, here's that Toba super eruption link. Read it & weep ~ (•8-D

Michael said...

Thanks for the comments, Anadae. The "Ash breeze" is slang for muscle power, or "rowing" in boat speak. Yep, those Volcanos are tricky. I think we are fresh out of virgins! Here's a nice eruption from Brawny Stud. NSFW.

Newspaceman said...

Re North Pole, Prince Harry recently made a comment about a charity getting there first, before his brother plants a flag.

Arthur's Seat is an extinct volcano in the heart of Edinburgh - the castle built on it's plug. In it's shadows lie the Royal Palace, Scottish Parliament, Dynamic Earth.

Remember black mag is all about ritual - why you think freemasonry started it's last wave here ?

cheers, nice post.


Michael said...

Hi Newspaceman, thanks for the coming by. That's very interesting about Arthur's Seat.

Darkstar - you seem to have called it perfectly. Today, Asheville NC arrested a man named McVey because he had a gun in the airport parking lot while Obama was leaving on his jet. That's a stunning "prediction".

I recall how Timothy McVeigh sought revenge against the feds for the Waco Siege, which is perhaps another manifestation of "Horus avenging his father".

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