Jan 19, 2011

Hairgone Generator

I swear I wasn’t going to post tonight. I’m focusing on “real world” things and I’m not letting the syncs get to me. I’ll just blame it on the moon.

Bald eagles (egg heads) are recently back in fashion, at least at Kosmos Idikos, and we can’t really go there without remembering Farrah, the angel who lost her lion’s mane, the most famous head of hair in the world, to cancer. Leo’s are now Cancer... FYI. Farrah also died on the same day as (hair on fire) MJ, so the hares are certainly on the loose. Shave and a haircut?

I found this hirsute Farrah worshipper on Unnatural Devotions today, and the image is resonating deeply. Is Farrah my Goddess, Diva, Diana, Isis? And why, as a gay man, do I feel such an unexpected and empathic bond to a tragic feminine sex symbol? Perhaps his right arm tat is a clue.


Doug said...

thanks for the link!

Alan Abbadessa, now Alan Green said...

This is a symbolically loaded story, but your "lion-mane" reference made it pop out all the more.

Restaurant in now-infamous Tucson selling tacos made from the meat of African-Lions.

Michael said...

That's crazy. "Boca" means "mouth", syncing with your "gabby" reference. Speak no evil.

Eleleth ר ק D said...

That toothy grin should bolster anyone's homosexuality; it looks like Farrah's about to devour us all in that infamous poster.

There's the obvious Angel Gabrielle/Gabriel connection as well. Michael and Gabriel are both angelic El's! Is Raphael next?

People forget the Third Man in the Iacchus/Faucet triptych: Billy MAYS, salesman for OXY-Clean--O2/OZ. Jackson was to play at the O2 arena. Farrah also starred in Flight 502. 50/02/OZ.

Word Verification is DIEDIVIL, of course.

Michael said...

Either Raphael or Leonardo, teenage mutant ninja turtles!

The lion taco story reminded me of the Gospel of Thomas (the twin astro gnostic):

Jesus said, "Lucky is the lion that the human will eat, so that the lion becomes human. And foul is the human that the lion will eat, and the lion still will become human."

Eleleth ר ק D said...

Yes! I was thinking of that Thomas quote, too. Shows that Jesus' real message was entirely alchemcial. I've been eating a lot of beef in the past week. Captain Beefheart had a song called "Ice Cream for Crow". Can we all be Solipsists at the same time?

Something significant about Shredder's minions being "Bebop" and "Rocksteady," but I can't quite put my finger on it.

JB said...

New post up at my sight, "Red Roman War God", Etemenanki threw the first pitch, and I knocked it out of the effing park! It's strange how the chronic pain that usually cripples my body suddenly vanishes into thin air whenever I find new inspiration and start writing again.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts on this one, Michael.

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