Jan 6, 2011

Raspberry Berets

Lockheed SR-71 (RS "Horus"17) "Blackbird"

Sing a song of sixpence,
A pocket full of rye.
Four and twenty blackbirds,
Baked in a pie.
When the pie was opened,
The birds began to sing;
Wasn't that a dainty dish,
To set before the king?
Goro Adachi has synced falling blackbirds with the upcoming April 29 Royal Wedding Day, which of course makes perfect sense... at least it does after you read his post. Goro calls William “The Chosen One” and since William was so central to my ego death and premonition thing back in 2004, I do admit to a certain sense of satisfaction.

I’m wearing a beret as I write this post tonight. Var bought a beret for himself as an “early Xmas present”, and I admit he looks rather dashing in it. Certainly the media likes William Whales in his beret.

Sean Scott wrote an erotic sci-fi story entitled “The Beret” on Jan 2, 2011, which involves a gay couple in Seattle who is out Xmas shopping, and they stop into a haberdashery in Pike Place Market because one of them is interested in buying a little present for himself... a beret. Which was odd, because he never showed an interest in hats. However, the beret is actually a transmitter of “Penultimate Novatron”, which is very dangerous controlled substance from the future that has the power to turn any man into his ultimate subconscious desire - AKA “the Beast”!
 “I don’t know what it is,” the man said. “But it’s huge! It’s like some kind of monster!” The man was clearly terrified. He shook as he spoke.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Colton bent down. “What do you mean-- monster?”

“All I know is… I gotta get out of here. You too, if you value your life…” the man scooted across the dark floor and, holding his shoulder with his opposite hand, scurried out onto the street. Colton could hear the crowd’s reaction to the sight of an injured, terrified man emerging from the scene of the disaster.

This is the illustration Sean used for his story, a muscle morph from the artist known as “N”, who was active around 2000. It’s an image of what I call a “masculine Venus of Willendorf”, or in other words, a visualization of the sexual subconscious made flesh - the Beast.

So later on today, I was reading some new stories at Omelissokomos. One called “Dippin’ New Life” by Kdumb features a certain tobacco:
“They had figured out part of what made the stuff work. It quickly reached deep into a person's psyche and located a deep seated desire--something or someone the person had always secretly wanted to be. It then locked in on those attributes and ran with them.”
The last transformation was into an army drill sergeant, complete with beret.

It does make me wonder... who do I secretly want to be? Beret’s are associated with both artists and Marines, and I do hold them to be roughly similar and opposite: both on the front lines of the culture wars. I can’t think “beret” without thinking “raspberry”, thanks to “he who cannot be named”, formerly a Prince.

"Walking in through the out door?" Sounds like Santa.

If we are truly experiencing a Luciferian, light-bringing moment in the collective human consciousness, then obviously, our inner Beast must be released. The Beast will not be denied, and I suppose the only question left is what kind of response do we have to it? Deny and project the Beast onto convenient scapegoats, or accept it as part of ourselves, and bring the black sheep home.


Alan Abbadessa, now Alan Green said...

So I was just about to do a post covering some of the same material, just some and from a less homoerotic vantage point, but this post is magic for me right now. I'm so glad you hit on the beret! It is certainly a magic cap - as I'm seeing more and more. I think there's something to the "Cap as transmitter" and not even as a mushroom analogy. The image associated with The Beret story Would have a circled "N" logo wouldn't it?

My man, maybe its that false fleeting thing, but I tell you, its ramping up again. I feel like it's all converging and making a shitload of sense.

PS: I wrote on twitter the other day:
"Blackbird is symbol of death and is the plane flown by X-Men. Ex-men=dead men or Died-on-the-Cross-Men."

Michael said...

Alan - yea, I almost choked when I saw that circled N. The beret thing is odd, isn't it? Maybe a stygian cap or something...

Anonymous said...

The falling blackbirds have me puzzled, for sure. I've done a little research, but nothing seems to fit. Perhaps I need to journey on it, however, I'm not exactly sure of what I would be looking for (or whether, when revealed, i would even get it). Still, your "unleashing the beast" is interesting and something to ponder.

Wonder how the simultaneous fish kill is related?

Michael said...

Riverwolf, thanks for the recent comments. Fish and birds are essentially the "same thing" mirror image. I remember going through this strange period last summer, during the Deepwater Horizon spill and kept associating "flying fish" with "diving birds" so much that they all just blended together into one concept, and the basic concept is a fluidity and perhaps even union between states of being, between the sunconscious (birds) and the subconscious (fish). I think I just invented a new word!

All the best to you in 2011, BTW. Miss your blog.

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