Apr 18, 2009

On the Price of Tea

I've been following the Susan Boyle phenom. Her seven minutes of Youtube fame made me cry. Hell, Les Mis made me cry - especially "I Dreamed a Dream" - Fantine's lament. Susan's triumph was either divine providence or excellent reality program scripting, probably both. Susan's performance has 6,401,187 downloads as of 7:11 on Saturday night - she's certainly struck a chord. My inner cynic will try to forget that Boyle's machine is used in the administration of general anaesthesia to patients.

Victor Hugo's Les Miserable was set in the French Revolution, and it is curious timing for a Fantine performance... as Boston Tea Parties spread like wildfire across the country. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that the average, IRS harassed American is feeling a small, if sodden, kindling of the revolutionary spirit, given the outrageous fat cat bailouts and the strange synch that almost all of Obama's appointees seem to be in arrears with regards to the treasury.

A bit of Boston Tea Party research will tell us that the "natives" who dumped 342 chests of tea into the harbor (Take another look at the chest of Susan Boyle at the top of this post) were mostly affiliated with the trade of tea, smuggling to be exact - a profession literally dependent on the high price of a commodity. The tea sitting in these ships was a threat to their livelihood because it was legal tea from England that could beat the price of their own, piratical brand.

So a tea party was brewed up, with "No taxation without representation" as the rallying cry. Never mind that it was this very TAX that kept the New World tea smugglers in business, and it was only when Parliament enacted a dramatic DECREASE in taxes that the smugglers were driven to act!? I am amused by the "false flag" aspect of the whole affair. As it was in the time of of Samuel Adams... same as it ever was.

When I think of tea, I think of Spice - the ultimate currency of the Dune universe... and perhaps our own. "Spice" is emotional energy - the creation of which we seem so well designed, Susan Boyle being the latest example. Does that make Susan a "Spice Girl"? Of a sort. I will be interested to watch the arc of her new career, especially the pronounced British/American nature of the affair.

I wonder... does the rise of Susan Boyle have something to do with the trans-dimensional Spice trade? Is she perhaps, some kind of bellwether? I wonder what the latter-day smugglers are planning in their "Green Dragon Inn".


Arrowsmith said...

Hi Michael. I watched the Susan Boyle google video just the other day and was blown away by it. There's something very special about it. Really plucks at the old heart strings.
It goes to show that looks can be highly deceiving and there's a star lurking within each of us waiting to be set free. We just need the courage (like Susan) to release it.

Michael said...

Richard, thanks for stopping by. Well said.

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