Apr 28, 2009

Hep Hep Who Ra

When an inner process can not be integrated it is often projected outward. The notion of a materialized psychism opens a bottomless void beneath our feet. --C. G. Jung, Flying Saucers

I've been musing about the Jewish Question again, mainly because of the undeniable swelling of anti-Semitism in the blog zeitgeist. The Jew controlled media, Jew controlled liberals, Jew controlled Neocons, etc. Tending always to imagine worst-case scenarios, I was doing a bit of research into past instances of anti-Semitic violence and came across the Hep-Hep Riots:

The Hep-Hep riots were early 19th century pogroms against German Jews. Beginning on August 2, 1819, Jewish representatives formally demanded emancipation at the Congress of Vienna (1815), and German academics and politicians alike responded with (vicious) opposition. The Jews were portrayed to the public as "upstarts" who were attempting to take control of the economy, particularly the financial sector. Antisemitic publications became common in the German press.

"Hep-Hep" was the perpetrators' derogatory rallying cry. Sources vary on its etymology. One theory is that it is an acronym from the Latin "Hierosolyma est perdita" ("Jerusalem is lost"), a rallying cry of the Crusaders. A more likely source for the rallying cry is the traditional herding cry of German shepherds. --wikipedia

Well that's curious... my own personal Shiva symbol, used against the Jews 200 years ago?

Wait a minit... Is that the Joker (No. 22) handling Shiva?

Var and I had another German Shepherd instance last weekend, when we drove back from a quick trip to Port Townsend. We stopped at Fort Casey on Whidbey Island to stretch our legs and because the terriers love it - lots of grazing deer and rabbits! Fort Casey is one of three fortresses designed to defend Puget Sound from invasion, circa 1900. The massive guns of Fort Casey, Fort Flagler and Fort Worden created an impregnable "Triangle of Fire" through which no naval invader could pass. Upon leaving, we drove by a couple of assholes who had stopped their car in the middle of the road to let their huge German Shepherd out to chase the deer grazing on the lawn, and I saw it leap out of the car like a guided missile after the deer that were now in panicked flight into the woods! Pissed us off.

Uh oh. Now the Shiva resonator has penetrated an "impregnable" fortress - and one so closely matched to Shiva's fabled target - the three cities of Tripura:

This trident belongs not to the devil, however, but one who is sometimes mistaken for him: Shiva, the Divine Bowman. Its spinning arms are the three cities of Tripura- in the words of author Heinrich Zimmer, 'the amalgamated demon-citadel of the world', wrought from iron, silver and gold on the three great planes of earth, sky and heaven. Three great cities in constant rotation; so designed to cheat the prophecy that they- and the Empire they nourish- must one day fall prey to a single bolt from Shiva's bow; a feat that can be accomplished only when the moon floats into a certain rare orbit, and all three rotating cities are conjunct. --Ben Fairhall

How many times I have stumbled upon this Bowman - the Archer of Sagittarius. From 2001: A Space Odyssey's David Bowman to Contact's Ellie Arroway. From Star Trek's Captain Archer to the late great Pontiac symbol: an Indian arrowhead. The Plains Indians were famous archers, as were the Mongol armies of Kublai Khan, and apparently so also the Israelite.

Pontiac's most iconic model was the GTO Judge - an interesting detail because...

In the biblical Hebrew, the generic word for sin is het. It means to err, to miss the mark. The Greek word hamartia (ἁμαρτία) is usually translated as sin in the New Testament. In Classical Greek, it means "to miss the mark" or "to miss the target" which was also used in Old English archery. --Wikipedia

A bit of research reveals that the Jews behind Zionism and Israel are Ashkenazi Jews, who were Central European converts to Judaism during the Middle Ages. Their "blood" relation to the Jews of ancient Judea is symbolic at best, and I have absolutely no problem with that. I myself feel symbolically akin to various peoples and religions at various times, to the point of identifying with Moses or some ancient Greek or Hindu deity, so why not? Hell, I'm literally as 'Jewish' as they are.

But if you asked them, they would say well... not quite. It's not in my blood. No Jew genes. As if...

When I joined a Fraternity at school (the beloved Kappa Sig's) I was initiated into my second experience of the Matrix (church being the first). Kappa Sigma was founded in the South - a quaint remnant of the Confederacy. As a 19 year old I wasn't hip to the symbols like I am now, but I did gather that the KS mythos entertained the idea that we were the spiritual heirs of our student brothers in Middle Ages Bologna! (I'm just gonna ignore the sausage synch, OK?) Our initiation ritual involved taking on the role of a student in dangerous Bologna, dagger under cape, frightened and alone without our brothers!

The twin towers of Bologna? Yep. With the stargate opening above, inverted pentagram signing Kappa Sigs leading the way. Fratboy assholes, yet again.

I asked one of the elder brothers if there was some actual historical - archaeological link between these ancient bros and ourselves, and he gave a wry smile and said no, there was nothing. It was all made up. The students in Bologna were symbolic brothers, nothing more. Which wasn't good enough for me then, but it is now: I hold symbolic brotherhood higher than blood.

The Jews have teetered on this edge between the literal and symbolic bloodlines for a long time, and I think they finally fell off on the side of literal. They take a camel stop for Zion, one wonders who they will take for the Messiah. Actually, it doesn't take much wondering, since the literal bloodline is so key ('Holy Blood, Holy Grail', etc.). I wouldn't be so hard on the Jews except that my own brothers are even worse. Shiva also stalks us - in the margin between symbolic and literal reality.

Here Shiva! Shiva Come! Here girl... good dog. Good GURL! Don't bite...


David Stewart said...

Beautiful piece Michael.
Not being able to bear the visuals that accompanied the news was one of the reasons I gave up my TV set many years ago; however it remains fairly difficult to avoid seeing the images accompanied by the news and your "camel-stop" comment really resonated. To see the landscape that in effect the whole world is scrapping over, well it appears really to be nothing but rock pile after rock pile. One wonders if there is an intelligence somewhere that enjoys a good laugh at us over this. We fight over land - rocks. We fight over gold - more rocks. That part of the world looks nothing like what we think of when we think "Planet Earth; a lush verdant and watery blue." The landscape of this eternal showdown really looks a lot more alien . . .a lot more Martian maybe . . ?.
I grew up in a big old house and in the summers at dusk I would position myself where I could see the bats exit from the attic for their nightly feeding. I fired arrow after arrow into the air hoping to down one of them - but it forever remained in vain. Missing the Mark indeed - - -
A world that hits the Bulls Eye - a planetary Taurobolium - might be a world we won't recognize.
Thanks Michael

Michael said...

Thanks David. Interesting Martian comment. Those gunfights at the OK Corral were in the desert too. Thanks for the new word - Taurobolium. I had to look it up. Curiously, I was reading an erotic story just a few days ago about a bullfighter - perhaps the modern version of an ancient rite?

Devin said...

I agree with David Michael-beautiful article. Fascinating as always are the things I find myself thinking about a very short time before I see an article on a blog about. Yesterday evening-you guessed it -it was the way Jews have been blamed for so much-especially in conspiracy land. Being someone who likes to treat my fellow humans as well-human-I always wondered a great deal about this and your post really helped congeal some thoughts in my mind.
I also enjoyed the rest of your post greatly and also David's comment -I so agree about wondering about that same non-human intelligence that enjoys seeing us killing each other over -rocks!! actually reading your article and David's comment have helped me greatly with ideas for a future article I am trying to put together in my typical slow fashion-thanks a lot and best to you and Varen as always!!-ps the Pontiac insignia/sigil is one of my favorite car emblems-could be I am prejudiced because my first car (also the car I was caught in by the Denver PO-lice -giving oral pleasure to a beautiful latin stud-perhaps I should leave it there-I am sure folks reading comments don't want the background of my whole life:-) was a 1976 Pontiac Grand Prix-adored that car-quite a gas guzzler though-all the best and thanks again!!

Michael said...

Dev - thanks for comment.

I suppose the ultimate Pontiac, as far as public memes go, is the black Trans Am from Smokey and the Bandit. Famous for it's "screaming chicken" decal on the hood, AKA Thunderbird or Phoenix. Perhaps Pontiac will rise from the ashes?

Personal synch: today we got an email from a Mr. Hep!! (unrelated to this post, except in the cosmic everything is related to everything else sense)

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