Apr 14, 2009

Demon Hunting, Part Two

No matter what noises or dreadful possibilities, no matter how awful the unknown, there was an even worse thing: to look the Gorgon in the face. --Stephen King

I've been thinking more about the Gorgon, and what she represents. A Gorgon ("terrible") was a fanged monster who played the roll of protector of religious concepts. She is in essence, a curse or taboo placed on religious secrets, warning the uninitiated or profane to stay away.

Her power was so strong that one attempting to look upon her would be turned to stone, therefore, such images were put upon items from temples to wine kraters for protection. --wikipedia

So one way to look at the Perseus myth is to see Perseus as usurper of an ancient temple and its secret "gnosis". By the middle ages she had become a gargoyle, guarding the cathedrals. Gargoyles was a Greg Weisman effort, powered by Disney:

The series features a clan of six nocturnal creatures known as Gargoyles that turn to stone during the day, a process which heals their injuries and extends their lifespans to roughly twice that of the average human. They glide using their large wings. Their leader is Goliath and his mentor is the elder gargoyle named Hudson. The show also features three younger warriors named Brooklyn, Broadway and Lexington. There is also a dog-like beast without wings named Bronx. With the exception of Goliath, the members of the clan have names taken from their surroundings in New York City.

So we have super gargoyles, protecting the ultimate Masonic cathedral: New York City. The character of bat-winged Goliath is a dead ringer for Batman - the Dark Knight - which makes me wonder if they aren't reflecting similar archetypes, which might actually reach all the way back to the Gorgons - those hideous protectors of the temple.

Manhattan's alter ego is Gotham, the land of the goths - the dead. Gosporn has long held that NYC has three mythic orders, or "dimensions" as it were. The first is the 3D concrete jungle we know and love/despise, the lower dimension is Gotham, representing Hades, while Metropolis represents the New Jerusalem/Olympus, protected by the Super Man/Sun King.

Interestingly, all of these universes feature a gay "son" - Superman/Jimmy Olsen, Batman/Robin, and Goliath/Lexington.

Turning to stone reminds me of Lot's wife, who was turned into a pillar of salt after looking back while fleeing doomed Sodom. Perhaps this myth was meant to place a giant "Taboo" sign on Sodom - a warning that to look into her secrets was to invite being turned into "stone"? I think it's interesting that famous people are "immortalized" in stone, as were the Greek Gods. Perhaps "turning to stone" represents a shift in dimensional time zones or perspective.

The myth of Sodom is the one used to demonize homosexuals (Sodomites), and according to Gosporn comments, the myth of Medusa was used by the Greek Establishment to demonize the religion of a conquered people. We have curious synchs linking gayness to both the myth of Perseus through Destroyer Harry Hamlin... and to the city of Sodom, destroyed by Yahweh (incorporating another HH) for wickedness. In other words, looking into these subjects may lead to being pillared - so beware.

A "Turk's Head"

Perseus (the "cutter") beheading of the Gorgon reminds me of Alexander's cutting of the Gordian Knot. The knot is traditionally shown as being a kind of serpentine weaving, synching with the snaky Gorgon coiffure. The knot is a sign of Phrygian kingship, the myth being that he who could untie the knot would become king (also reflected in the Arthurian, "sword in the stone" legend). Alexander attempted to do so but was frustrated in the attempt, so then cut the knot with his sword.

The knot may in fact have been a religious knot-cipher guarded by Gordian's priests and priestesses. Robert Graves suggested that it may have symbolized the ineffable name of Dionysus that, enknotted like a cipher, would have been passed on through generations of priests and revealed only to the kings of Phrygia. --wikipedia

Which makes the knot a kind of protector of secret religious knowledge, perhaps even the sacred name of G*D, just like the Gorgon and the Gargoyles, and even the Batman, because Bruce Wayne sought out ancient mystical secrets from the east.

When I was but a lad, the Kirkland Overlake Christian Church was the prototype "megachurch". It was evangelical, non-denominational, and it grew like a cancer. Pastor Bob Moorehead (Turk's head?) was the architect of this amazing phenom, until he was discovered sodomizing teenage boys in the name of Christ, which makes Pastor Bob a prophet of Sodom - though he would probably hate to think of himself that way. He joins countless clergy in this strange affinity... it's almost as if an appreciation (desire) for manflesh were a REQUIREMENT for religious service?!

It makes me wonder. Is the demon of homosexuality the Gorgon? And are we not her slayers? Are we... the new Kings of Phrygia?


See Demon Hunting for Fun and Profit, part one.

When I was at school, one of my best girl friends (a drama student) suddenly got religion - at the same time I was coming out. I told her I was gay, and she told ME that I was possessed by the demon of homosexuality!? In hindsight, I realize she was only partly right, and my telling her was an act of slaying the demon. In other words, SHE was playing the gorgon.

Gorgonzola is my favorite cheese.


Anadæ Effro said...

My fuckin' GOD, Mike, this's another piece that truly underscores your (*ahem!*) salient capability to discern. I nearly cried. I've got another open tab going simultaneously, specie-if-I-call-E(nergi) for an ongoing conscioUsness expanding music project, Darkmother, yet another wonderful tie-in to the work you're doing here.

Don't forget, Demona, Goliath's ex-mistress, his "angel of the night", was the only one of the original gargoyle clan (k)NOT(work) christened after a locality (roadway) on Manhattan Island (though she did conceive a daughter, Angela, with Goliath), where "We live again!", and was voiced-over by actress Marina Sirtis, best known as the prescient officer Deanna Troi on STAR TREK: The Next Generation, and is British but of Hellenic ancestry!

You've amazed & astounded, my honourable St Brendan friend & brother, certainly gaining this elf's favour. And, from someone who "turned to stone" at a very early age, that is very good Gnosis ~erm, uh~ news, indeed.

From inside the Temple,
Anad' Effro (•:-)}

PS: Speaking of Temples & homoeroticism, here's a very deep article you might find interesting. Its author? Jay Michaelson! Hah! Oh, and my wv just changed from panco (of course) to exclimp, for ex-verklimped!

Anadæ Effro said...

Hello, yes, that should've been verklempt. but hey, I don't speak Yiddish, only heard it spoken on the streets of NYC, living, working, and attending school there.

I havta laude you with megakudos for this piece again. Graves in his "The White Goddess" also portrays the Gorgons as escorts (!) to the hero, not pursuers as in avengers to their sister's demise, the bag containing the secret language, not Medusa's head, but one could've easily been an allegory for the other.

Try to find Cornelia Steketee Hulst's "Perseus & the Gorgon". I must visit Medusa's temple ruins on Corfu some day. As I had said earlier, it was itself copied & its grandiosity implemented into the younger Parthenon.

Too, there's an entire room of Gorgonian relics, the Gorgonium, in NYC's Metropolitan Museum of Art. I believe it's directly above the front 5th Ave entrance, second floor. Happy (demon) hunting~~~(•:-)}

Michael said...

Anadea, thanks so much for the comments - and the links. The Star Trek/Gargoyles tie is pretty interesting - also featuring Diana/Mary of Troy's boyfriend, William Riker. That Mr. Frakes seems to be associated with a lot of my synchs - he directed Thunderbirds, another "puppet" movie - why do I like the puppets???

I was thinking about Perseus and his reflective shield - how he could only kill the Gorgon by looking at her in a mirror... Wouldn't this synch with Jungian ideas about projection of the dark side into the "enemy", and the only way to defeat the dark side is to see it in yourself - using a "mirror".

Cheers, Michael

David Stewart said...

The Gorgon as a protector or guardian of religious secrets put me in mind right away of the dragon or serpents that that stand guard over secret wisdom as well - it is a serpent dragon that Jason must conquer to gain the Golden Fleece - I live right on a river that was said to hide a great serpent -a young brave's bride sacrificed herself to it in exchange for a magical Medicine Hat, with which he went on to become a great warrior and Shaman.

And as so often happens my Disney programming pops out and dragons make me consider Pete's Dragon from 1977. Pete (the rock) has been purchased and is being used as a slave by the Gogon family. (as kids we thought that meant he was being used to sweep up etc. but I think as adults now we know what was really going on - shades of your Pastor Bob i think Michael) And so he is helped to escape by the magical Dragon Elliot (Elijah- The Prophet - who ascended thru the stargate Machine of Providence thing .) to the lighthouse of the old Lampy and his daughter Nora (Arabic for Light or the bright one) Nora's lost fiance Paul remembers who he is and returns home whereupon they adopt Pete and so Elliot the Dragon is free to move on.
I don't think the Gogon family fared to well in that movie, but at least dragons were somewhat rehabilitated.

O and I have a dragon in my front yard LOL

Michael I would love to hear more about NYC thre mythic orders and yoou can'r just throw out that bit about the mirror in the comments section - that's got the makings of a complete blog post in itself!

Have a good one!

Michael said...

Hi David, oh yea, the dragon - of course! Smog - guarding the treasure. Never saw Pete's Dragon, thanks for the story. No time to elaborate on themes today... no rest for the wicked! ;-)

Cheers, Michael

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