Apr 16, 2009

Mark of the Antidote

Courtesy of the House of Vader: Bodybuilder Steven CHRISTman - "hottest dude out there right now". And what's this... a bio-hazard sign on his left "cannonball" deltoid? Wow, have we entered the 28 Days? My buddy Todd got a bio-hazard cap back in the 80's, he thought the design was cool. I do too, something about that tri-radial claw/cuff strikes a chord - looks almost Klingon? The Delta-oid muscle group is a tri-radial formation.

This symbol is a rich semiotic vein because it was meant to replace the skull and crossbones as the sign for "poison". Which was a perfectly good sign, and universally understood, but I suppose the Neo-Templars couldn't have THAT! So they rehabilitate the Jolly Roger, thanks to a long running "Pirates are the good guys!" PR campaign, and then cast about for a replacement:

Auditioning Mr. Yuk, but finally landing on a symbol that means absolutely nothing to anyone? Except perhaps, the ones who designed it. Wouldn't it be something if the NT replaced the sign of the good physician with the mark of Cain, and vice versa? Should I update the Gosporn header?

Bonus synchoid: Youtube video uploaded by TobyDOG22.

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