Apr 2, 2009

The Dream Has Landed

I've been thinking about memories (thanks to sis) and I thought of this one, which is the closest I have to a real ghost story:

Var and I were living on San Juan Island, renting the upstairs studio of a barn/workshop on a large and remote piece of woodland property. San Juan property is very special, a green oasis of giant mossy rocks, conifers, peeling madrona, foraging deer and vociferous green frogs. It is also apparently a preferred UFO landing site:

It was a warm spring night in 2003 - early morning. I had been half awakened by a noise. Or perhaps a vibration. An extremely low noise that I felt more than heard. It was rhythmic, there, and then not there, repeating, like a jet engine being briefly run and shut off, over and over, except it had a sort of gurgling thing going on. It seemed as if I felt/heard this repeating noise for a long time, but only in near dream state. Finally, Var commented on the noise, and I awoke. The sound continued. I realized it was the rhythmic sound of breathing... of something really, exceptionally large... like a dinosaur, or a demon? Something NOT natural.

Var said he saw strange flashing lights in the woods, through the trees. I didn't see them, I was focused on the breathing... Like a massive dinosaur/beast, moving invisibly through the trees. I felt a sense of dread, but I also knew that the house was somehow safe - "protected". No foolish investigating to be had tonight. Soon the breathing grew faint, as did the lights. We went back to bed.

Next morning, we tentatively mentioned odd "noises and lights" to the downstairs neighbors, and Brandon instantly concurred, saying he'd witnessed it too, through the window. Flashing lights. "UFO's". We shared a chuckle, and that was that. Next day I wandered in the woods, looking for signs of burnt grass or anything out of place. Nothing.

What DID happen on that witching eve? A dimensional rift? A stargate in action? I don't know, but something came through.

Art: Bethan Igert, Fairest of Greens. By Anne Sudworth.


tommy said...

Spooky... Reminds me of a dream I had where there were lights flashing through the window of my 5th story window and there was an old witch-like woman claiming to be a "psychiatrist" who I was deathly afraid of and spent the whole dream just barely escaping. Apartment complexes are really scary in nightmares.

Devin said...

You know Michael-obviously I can't say what happened that night -but I do believe that this "reality" we are in has more holes in it than the official sept 11 story! Very interesting story all the way round -loved the art too. The thing I think that science should be investigating more than anything is not the solidity of our world-but how the world fools us into thinking it is such a solid place in the first place-best to you and Varen as always!

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