Jan 27, 2015

The Trident Thief

I’m sure we all remember the notorious Sealab 2021 Episode 39, where the crew joins the underwater secret society of the "Neptunati", who are locked in an eternal struggle with their sworn enemies, the “Five Jew Bankers”. Derek "Stormy" Waters carries the trident of Neptune, bangs it on the ground and gives himself size triple D breasts.

No? Well, remember that plot, and those crazy blue buffalo hats. I visited the Naval Undersea Museum last week, near Silverdale on Hwy 308. Yes, the Navy actually has a museum full of submarines and torpedoes, even an exhibit about the real-life Sealab! Neptune is our guide, and his trident motif is everywhere. No doubt this is partly because nearby Bangor sub base is full of Ohio class submarines, carrying Trident ballistic missiles. I suppose a cartoon Neptune makes nuclear inter-continental ballistic missiles a little less terrifying.

The docent pointed out the DSRV (Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle) sub sitting out in the parking lot, named DSRV-1 Mystic, which was the same submarine depicted in The Hunt For Red October, by Tom Clancy. I thought it was amusing that he kept saying “DRSV” instead of DSRV and he would catch himself and apologize. This syncs very strongly with that aspect of the subconscious being a mirror image of consciousness.

The museum has a new exhibit about the loss of the USS Thresher:
The USS Thresher (SSN-593) was the lead boat of her class of nuclear-powered attack submarines in the United States Navy. Her loss at sea in the North Atlantic during deep-diving tests approximately 220 miles east of Boston, Massachusetts, on 10 April 1963 was a watershed event for the U.S. Navy.
On 9 April 1963 Thresher, now commanded by Lieutenant Commander John Wesley Harvey, got underway from Portsmouth at 8 am and rendezvoused with the submarine rescue ship Skylark at 11 am…

OK, I’m researching the subconscious, submarines and tridents and there is my SKYLARK Illuminati call sign right there in the middle. Neptunati indeed.

Anyway, I had to watch The Hunt For Red October, given that the Docent mentioned it. Starring Sean Connery as the defecting Soviet Typhoon class submarine captain, and Alec Baldwin as CIA analyst Jack Ryan. It’s a pretty good film as far as cold war propaganda films go, and director John McTiernan even manages to make underwater submarine warfare exciting. But for some reason all I could think about was playing this plot in reverse, with some modern American Trident sub captain driving his underwater earthshaker over to Russia as a gift to Putin, or better yet, to Tehran! Imagine the mischief.

Even though I’ve personally been following trident symbolism for years, Last year was a bonus crop. It began when trident resonating Maserati paid for a Superbowl ad with the slogan “Now we strike!”, and shortly thereafter, trident emblemed Ukraine found itself at the center of a conflict that could have escalated into WWIII. It still could. It is curious that what is now called Ukraine is the former homeland of Ashkenazi Jews.

This morning I got an invitation to join Club MegaPecs. I am assuming that Derek Waters is the Grand Master of THIS secret society.

But the real kicker is that yesterday, Var brought home some Blue Buffalo Co. dog food. This would seem to be the real power of the trident: impossible syncs.


Skylark: The production company behind The Da Vinci Code films, which are mostly concerned with the alleged secrets of the Illuminati.

Previous mind-fuck experiment with the trident: Trident Test Drive

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Loren Coleman said...

"Even though I’ve personally been following trident symbolism for years, last year was a bonus crop."


In the midst of own researching and writing about tridents, out-of-the-blue, I heard from an organization that directly overlaps with your post here.

Very weird, but then not any longer.

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