Jan 2, 2015

3 X the Charm

I’ve been staying away from the most recent Malay aviation disaster - the crash of Air Asia flight 8501, but I figure I should come clean. You see, 501 is one of my “secret code numbers”. Levi’s 501 jeans are the archetypal “gay jean”, and combined with the triple pun jean/gene/genie, I couldn’t help but make 501 a strong sync for me over the years. Eventually I even made passwords that included 501.

And well… the same for 8, or 88 most specifically, because 8 = infinity, and that is where Doc Brown’s time machine goes.

So 8501 is a password. And guess what, the Asia Airlines AA logo shows an airplane flying through twin towers. As in… the American Airlines flight 11, that struck the North Tower on 9/11.

Flight 8501 is the third Malaysian air disaster in a row, and as Poseidon and his trident would say: “Three times the charm”.

I have to say that I am nonplussed. 501 is not exactly a big Illuminati number, unless perhaps Levi’s corporate execs are sitting in at the meetings. One of the weird things about sync is that we will often come to the point where the personal syncs and the macro sort of combine in unsettling ways, and we’ll say as a defense: “I didn’t do that.”

Well, maybe we did.



Levis 501's are joined with the Klondike Gold Rush, and "Miner 49ers."

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