May 28, 2011


This weekend, Memorial Day (tribute to the noble slain, Valhalla, etc.) is Fleet Week in NYC. Here’s the USS New York {LPD-21}, an amphibious assault ship that’s made from steel salvaged from the World Trade Center. We note the photo op of capturing Lady Liberty (Isis) between the twin octagonal “towers” of New York.

The Patch:

This is an interesting example of a “ritual” that only a very few would be conscious of or even subconsciously aware.  I have to ask my readership: Is this symbolic alignment an example of my own fevered imagination, or is it an example of Illuminati cunning? Or both?

Via Bill in Exile


JB said...

Note the five-pointed star between the Twin Towers on the patch (Isis again), and the American Eagle now clearly displayed as a Phoenix rising from the flames. The bigger question is this: Do the "gods" really give a s**t about these obvious symbols on perpetual parade, or are the Illuminati simply wanking off ad infinitum?

Michael said...

Good question. These little displays are certainly tiresome. I suppose the USS New York is another way to reinforce the eternal idea of American "victimhood", so that whatever crimes the military commits in our "defense" then jolly well good?

Now that Obama has defeated the archetypal bad guy, I wonder who's next up to play the super villain?

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