May 26, 2011

The Life Pneumatic


1. containing or operated by air or gas under pressure.
• Zoology (chiefly of cavities in the bones of birds) containing air.
• informal (of certain body parts, esp. a woman’s breasts) large, as if inflated : she’s the one with the pneumatic lips and breasts.

2. of or relating to the spirit.

noun (usu. pneumatics)
an item of pneumatic equipment.

ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: from French pneumatique or Latin pneumaticus, from Greek pneumatikos, from pneuma ‘wind,’ from pnein ‘breathe.’

I’ve been having a strange conversation with myself that goes like this:

Air = Wind = Breath = Spirit
The power of breath
Mindful breathing - meditation

The Prince of the POWER of the air
Wind turbines

Prince's outfit in 'Raspberry Beret'
Nike Air Jordans
Hermes’ winged sandals

Ruby Slippers - “they must be very powerful or she wouldn’t want them so badly”

Angry Birds
“Man does not live by bread alone”

“We want to pump you up!”
Steve Fossett

So I decided to start running as a good method of exercise and perhaps with the side benefit of total global domination. The local discount store had Nike AIR MONARCH on sale, seemed appropriate.

I’m watching these syncs manifest "out of the blue" and David Mason of House of Vader reports back on his trip to the Life Ball in Vienna (Europe’s largest AIDS charity event), and the theme this year was AIR. You can imagine how many “angels” showed up. Bonus sync: David muses what could be the money behind such a massive charity ball and he comes up with NAZI GOLD!

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