May 19, 2011

Rapture Ready

The Saturday Rapture meme has gone crazy viral, more than I thought it would. Bars in Seattle are offering “End of the World” specials, it almost reminds me of Y2K - Party like it’s 1999! You know, I used to wonder that if a billion people all thought the same thing all at once then it would come true. Now I’m wondering if all it takes is one.

This week I happened to sync three unrelated references to Area 51, and it reminded me of Osiris, since the day of his death was 3/17, 3x17=51. According to some, the ancient gods were alien astronauts, and truth be told, my favorite way of imagining the rapture is as a mass alien abduction. Alien Jesus/Horus finally returns.

The return of Jesus/Horus is called “the wedding feast” in the bible, and Jesus is called “the Bridegroom”. So of course Area 51 surrounds Groom Lake. Maybe one of the the “wedding planners” accidentally crash landed on purpose there.

The root of rapture is RAPE and I don’t know how you plan to welcome alien Jesus Horus back home, but personally, I’m banking on red jockstraps.

Giving it up for Jesus

1 comment:

DarkStar888 said...

Hello Michael.

Yes, we will still be here tomorrow, in this fucking 3D Illusion, the Matrix Web of Deceit, Lies, Greed & Lush...unfortunately. :)

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