Sep 18, 2009

If the Matrix Deletes Me

Some gay bloggers are concerned that Google may have begun deleting blogs with adult content. That already happened (temporarily) to Gosporn last month, and if they in their omnipotent wisdom decide to make it permanent, I just wanted to let all 9 of my followers Gno that you'll be able to go to to find out what ever happened.


Devin said...

thanks for the heads up Michael!! will do -I hope to be back online sunday. curious thing-I lost a post to the "ether" yesterday when i hit publish -never happened before it was just gone -and it didn't have any adult content or anything-it was weird-Matrix maybe:) all the best to you and Var and have a beautiful weekend!!

Anonymous said...

hey michael, great blog btw. what are your thoughts on fellow synchronaut, celticrebel?

Michael said...

Dev - yes, it WAS a beautiful weekend! Hope yours was the same.

Anon - I'm not really up to date on Celtic Rebel. The last time (many moons ago) I read his blog it was about gayness being the cause of the end of the world as we know it. I'm like... Jaysuz, I hope so!

Dennis Igou said...

Too bad so sad. I used to really enjoy your syncromystic flavor until you had to bombard every soul with your gayness. It will not be the evil matrix that destroys you it will be your vanity. Dennis from Oregon. Good luck in finding an audience of cosmic entities. Shine forth!!

Michael said...

Hi Dennis (which is the Catholic Saint version Dionysus, BTW), since the blog's title is "gosporn", I figured that might be a good hint for what it's all about? It really IS a blog aimed at the mystical side of homosexuality, and that occasionally involves pics of naked men. That said, you may be right about the vanity thing... always a gay man's Achilles heel.

Thanks for stopping by, and don't worry, the "bombardment" will continue. :-)

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