Sep 14, 2009

Shiva Makes Pocket Change

Var and I went to the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival last weekend, but I was almost sorry we did after I found out that Kirkland also held a Concours d' Elegance at Carillon Point last weekend. Little did I know that a bona fide religious icon would be on display - or I would have braved the mob in an attempt to reverently touch it! That icon was a 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL gull-wing. This is the famous "car with wings" - the precursor to the Back to the Future starg8!

The Mercedes had a futuristic aluminum skin, the Delorean was made of stainless steel, both were gull-wings, and Marty McFly was sent back to 1955! The Mercedes three pointed star has a more than passing resemblance to Dr. Brown's flux capacitor. As already noted in previous posts, the triple-pointed star resonates the Tripura - the rotating demonic citadels that Lord Shiva is destined to conquer with his/her triple pronged trident weapon. The cities, as well as their "doomsday" weapon, are both tri-radial, multi-dimensional concepts.

So I was a bit sad that I missed the 300SL, but later, as I emptied my pockets from the show, and found the one business card I gathered at the festival. It was from an old acquaintance of ours who now operates a CNC (computer controlled) milling machine in Port Townsend. His logo is a spinning tri-radial red spear motif - very Shiva-ish. As it turns out, most of his work lately comes from supporting the giant black trimaran that Oracle/BMW is using to challenge the Swiss in the America's Cup - see America's Cup for background. He cuts big carbon fiber parts for the boat. Carbon fiber is the engineering material that has replaced aluminum and stainless steel in all the hottest cars, boats, planes and military hardware - futuristic "skin". His dog is named Maya - I sh*t you not.

So I missed out on a chance to worship at a Tripura shrine, and instead I get Shiva slipping his carbon fiber trident INTO my pocket.


Devin said...

That gull winged Mercedes is a truly beautiful autombobile! It seems Shiva is following you around again-maybe something interesting about to happen. As I was typing this I was thinking Shiva was the god of creation and destruction-then I thought no that would be Kali-or is Kali just the feminine aspect of the same god/force? I will have to look it up quick. Best to you and Var and all who comment here! I really appreciate yours and Anadae's recent comments -ATB!!!

Michael said...

Hi Dev, thanks for coming by. Shiva ain't such a bad dude - he's the destroyer of illusion - Maya. Only when I cling to my illusions do I see him as evil. Thanks to many operators, George Bush and now Obama included, most of my illusions have been destroyed. Perhaps now is a good time to pick up the pieces, and create something new and truly different from the rubble.

Arrowsmith said...

Hey Michael. Nice post!

I've had Shiva, Kali (who Devin mentions) and the Trinity/Trident/3 swimming around my head for the last week or two, so it's good to see we're both tapping the same stream of thought.

As for your last sentence, I whole-heartedly agree with you. It's a good time to rebuild.

All the best to you and Var.

Michael said...

Hi Richard, thanks for stopping by. The Shiva motif is almost a perennial around here! But lately, just last week, Ganesh has been seen around, and I'm reminded of your strong Ganesh synchs from a while back.

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