Sep 12, 2009

Getting My Attention

Note: this post is done in my personal synch journal style, which is simply a record of what I perceive as interesting or meaningful coincidences over time.

9/1/09: September has been taken over by yellow. On the first of the month it was everywhere. I walked Oliver the Oztralian terrier down to the lake and a handsome shirtless jogger goes by and nods at me (gasp!), wearing bright yellow shorts. Reminds me that I also had some bright yellow jogging shorts when I was in college. I thought they were pretty sexy. Anyway, he jogs by on the sidewalk and I watch his cute yellow butt bounce down the road, and coming my way were two bright yellow cars in a row, making a nice triple yellow synch.

Later, I saw a yellow Lotus Super 7 drive by (quite rare) and that synchs with the yellow Lotus Elite I saw with Var a few weeks ago, near the same spot. Var picked us up in the car and on the way home we were stuck in traffic and came to a stop near yellow diamond-shaped crosswalk signs - two of them, either side of the crosswalk. Cross walk, diamonds, twins... yellow. Hmmmm.

Later on, a neighbor was out mowing her lawn, wearing a bright yellow shirt printed with the same crosswalk guy.

9/2/09: Doing some boat research, and Cheers (the most famous proa in the world) was bright yellow. Today I was doing research into the Wharram Hitia 17 catamaran, Hitia means "sunrise". The particular Hitia (via I was looking at was painted blue with yellow accents.

9/3/09: Last night, Var came to bed and he started asking me about my joint aches and pains - the constant inflammation that I experience. It made me grumpy because I don't like dwelling on it, because it won't get better, I've already tried a million things. Anyway, he said that he thought Turmeric might be good for me... and later that night, I realized that turmeric is bright yellow. That night we had a good rain - the first in weeks, and also a short thunderstorm, so kind of "important", or something.

Today I was reading about Turmeric and it does seem to be a cure all for most of what ails me, inflammation being just one of them. It is an Indian herb, used for centuries in ritual and Ayervedic medicine. also associated with the elephant god Ganesh - and who should be featured on the Seattle Times front page that day but Ganesh (an elephant at Woodland Park Zoo) himself? (which reminds me of the day I met a guy hung like Ganesh at Woodland Park, but that's another story...)

9-6-09: Herodutus (H) starts a new super hero porn story with the hero named Falcon, and all done up in yellow? The black leather bands around his right thigh make him look like a bumblebee...

AAAAND... Jim was working on the deck today and it was raining really hard, and the gutter, (my nemesis) was clogged and pouring down right on Jim, so we were forced to clear it, which was really quite easy after all... Anyway, Var magically pulls out a yellow rain slicker from the closet for me - with the Helly-Hansen HH logo! He found it downstairs, must have been Brian's.

9/9/09: Listening to Beetles tonight, in honor of John Lennon and the number 9. Yellow submarines swim by, also Lucy in the sky with DIAMONDS. Not to mention the famous crosswalk shot in Abbey Road.

This sign was in a recent Admire post, along with lots of gold and yellow:

9/11/09: Var points me to a story about Lance Armstrong, and of course he's wearing the famous yellow jersey.

Sean Scott at writes about "stalking" a cute guy at a store:

I actually got his phone number and his last name.... Then, as he left, the cashier looked at the receipt, which prints his name (from the club card number he used) and said, "Thank you, Mr. So-and-so." It's amazing what you can learn if you pay attention.

Also from Sean this week, a red head astride a yellow bike: He appears to be pointing up.

The Lotus Position is the famous pose of the Yogi, and yellow is the color of the SOLAR plexus chakra. I think I'll get more serious about my meditation practice.


Anadæ Effro said...

Very beautiful, Michael. Pure Intellect is the yellow chakra. Hence, your attraction to that colour of light frequency, swathing a humpy hunk, colouring a streamlined vehicle, or a botanical specimen in Nature.

When exploring the Emerald Island only just this past may, my hubbs, Sequoia, and I fell in love with a plant, the gorse bush, that has taken over the countryside of rolling hills & unbridled farmland, the homeland to the Sidhe. Its scent, unfookingbelieveably enough, mimics that of coconut! You're right on thyme, bruh, right on time! ~ (•8-)}

Devin said...

Hi Michael,Anadae, Esperranto,Christpher and everyone else! Thanks for your reply to the previous comments-I enjoyed reading all of the rest of the comments greatly. I will have to think on this one. I think it is great that you keep a journal of things like this. When I read the word "catamaran" I was reminded recently that a relative of mine along with two other guys-one white and one black (there is a reason I give the races of the gentlemen-will explain later)-were lost in the Gulf of Mexico for about 8 days. My relative's name is James Phillips and I hadn't seem him since he was a tyke-but I know his grandmother and aunt very well. The catamaran was white and good ole great # 23 feet in length. This incident so reminded me to not give up hope as sometimes I am close to just saying fuck it (not suicidally or anything-just extreme frustration with the disability case and all that crud) and then I got to thinking is this incident trying to tell me anything else? I hope you and Var and everyone else here are doing beautifully and hope to be back soon-and believe me Michael-your musings do mean something and they mean a lot!! will check out A Effro's Sidhe link b4 signing off for the eve. Sorry my comment is so lengthy and didnt need to be. I learn a lot from Anadae, Esperranto Grrl,C Knowles and everyone else in their comments! best to you and Var as always!! (thanks for the eye candy too:)

Michael said...

Anadae - interesting mention of the gorse bush. We have Scotch Broom taking over around here. A scrubby, yellow-flowered noxious weed. It pings with the "alien invasion" meme. Var brought home a coconut from the grocery last night...

Devin - wow, good boat synch (sink, ha!). Thanks for reading, and also thanks for the shout out at MFM, much appreciated.

Esperanto Grrl said...

Fun science fact: the color that the human eye is most sensitive to is the bright traffic cone red-orange.

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