Mar 7, 2008


You shall know them by their fruits, as it is written, not by their words. Fraudulent so-called, born-again, spirit-filled Christ-ians. Are you spirit-filled, brother? What am I - a divine Twinky? --Watchman

The above from a rant by a Christian nutter (which I am also, so we're bro's) and I had to laugh because yes, that is exactly what he is - a snack with a creamy filling. I pretty much love every sync there is about Twinkies:

  • Twink is gay slang for a young, boyish (Appolonian) male.
  • Owned by Kansas City-based Interstate Bakeries Corporation.
  • In Latin America, Twinkies are sold under the name "Submarinos" ("submarines" in Spanish due to their shape roughly resembling said vessel) by the Bimbo brand - not making this up.
  • Banana creme was the original filling.
  • The cake is flipped before packaging, so the rounded yellow bottom becomes the top.
  • The Twinkie Defense.

What's long and hard and full of seamen?


aferrismoon said...

For me Twinkies are only seen in comic book ads, never seen or touched a real one.
In the Family Guy New Year episode the world gets destroyed due to the millenium bug. The griffin family go to the Twinkie factory for sustenance. Its a great episode, Stewie turns into an Octopus.

Michael said...

That's great. I figure the church should use Twinkies for Communion. Oh yea... maybe they already do.

FilmNoir23 said...

Better yet, look into "Die HARD" and notice all the VERY odd references to Twinkies...and the rather large exploding Tower...

Adam Star said...

All the Hostess comic book ads

Michael said...

Thanks Adam. That's a door I peek inside, and then quietly close without disturbing the inmates within.

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