Mar 18, 2008


The final enigmatic word of Orson Welles' character in Citizen Kane is "Rosebud". What Welles meant to signify by it is a common enough debate, considering that his own explanation was so patently coy:

"It's a gimmick, really, and rather dollar-book Freud".

I seriously doubt it, considering head Hollywood magician Steven Spielberg plunked down $60,500 for the sled in 1982 - to hang above his typewriter.

Gore Vidal flirted with the truth in 1989, when he cited contemporary rumors that "Rosebud" was a nickname Hearst used for his mistress Marion Davies; a reference to a sensitive part of her anatomy.

Considering the fact that the name is attached to a vehicle of transportation - and a classically magical one at that - I think we can safely suppose that Welles DID mean to reference a hole, but he was thinking bigger (or infinitely smaller) than Miss Davies. Rosebud signifies the divine feminine, the Rosy Crux, the Holy Grail. Spielberg has a stargate talisman hanging over his typewriter! Cain (Paris) and the Grail (Helen), over and over and over again.

What I find endlessly (boorishly) fascinating is that holes are always feminine - even when found on men... as Jake Kotze points out: "The specific local of "Enchanted's" Stargate is through a MANhole in Time Square".

Every time a woman fucks her boyfriend with a dildo, another gay angel gets his wings. --Dan Savage


Anonymous said...

What about the sled as a stargate vehicle? Kind of like the hot air balloon or zepplin.

1) The feeling of sledding down a long hill when your a kid.
2) Santa takes a sled around. He's definately using hyperspace.
3)The Sled of the white witch in Narnia.


Manhole. . .love it.


aferrismoon said...

Whole .v. Hole, when one fills up the other empties
I saw a film called RKO ???, [ for a number], it was about the making of Citizen Kane. The film was quite specific about Welles arguing with Hearst at dinner-party and deciding then to do a job on him. Then someone let him in on Hearsts pet name for the Madgina of his belle. Really fucking pissed him off - apparently
In the Kingdom of the Blind the one-eyed man is King

Michael said...

All transportation is potentially symbolic for the grail, sleds as well. As you point out, Santa's very own stargate is a sled.

Moon - Is the glass half empty or half full? I was musing on the meaning of shafts/rods the other day. A shaft can be either male or female.

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