Mar 3, 2008

Burning Dreams

"Street of Dreams" Destroyed by Fire

3/3/08 - Officials suspect the Earth Liberation Front in series of morning fires that destroyed three homes and damaged two more at a "Street of Dreams" development north of Woodinville. There were no reports of injuries from the unoccupied homes. --Seattle Times

The Heartbreaker is on a roll. Hit it Pat:

Heartbreaker, by Pat Benatar.


JB said...

When I saw that on CNN (now known as the non-stop PRIMARIES network apparently, great series of pointless distractions there), I was worried that it was near where you live in Seattle. Hope you don't get burned. ;)

Michael said...

Woodinville (city of wood?) is close, but not so close I could see smoke or anything. Of course, I hate those damn mini-mansions. There are some American dreams that really should go up in smoke, IMHO.

JB said...

Woodinville sounds like Woden (Odin/Zeus) ville to me.

Do you have a cure for writer's block? I'm at a creative standstill in my life right now.

JB said...

Nevermind, I just wrote a new very extensive article. I guess asking the question was all the inspiration I needed. ;)

aferrismoon said...

In the 70s in Wales many richer English bought holiday homes in Wales, by the sea, which pushed the price so high that many couldn't afford to buy a house in their village. The Welsh language was waning too, road signs were in English, etc.
The Sons of Glyndwr started burning the holiday homes and painting out all the roadsigns. No-one died in the whole campaign and the Welsh got TV station, Equal 1st language status and investment.
There was a joke:
Come home to a real fire, buy a cottage in Wales.

Michael said...

Great anecdote, thanks. I'd be a flame throwing anarchist myself, if I thought it might actually do some good.

FilmNoir23 said...

Nice pick-up...I was hoping you'd chime in on it.

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