Oct 12, 2006

Making the Male Female

Jorge Grossao at Nifty is one of my favorite authors/characters. Grossao (Portuguese for "huge and thick") is a horse hung black Brazilian who really gets around. Ipanema lifeguard, soccer star, porn star, the toast of Europe, his big cock opens a lot of doors - Not bad for a boy from a Rio de Janeiro favela.

One story line has Grossao running an exclusive soccer camp for teenage boys that doubles as an even more exclusive boy brothel. Though Jorge is the "daddy", it's the boys who do the seducing, driven crazy with lust at the sight of his monster trouser snake. Grossao fucks everyone; the teenage boys, their hunky fathers, visiting English soccer stars; he makes them all into his grateful whores. Grossao loves nothing more than a male ass. He goes on rapturously and devoutly about "the male cunt"; a man's fuck hole; his pussy. You can tell that for him, fucking a man is a religious experience.

It's interesting to me how a man can be all male and yet his ass be all female; a total slut in heat. The biology that makes this possible, and oh so pleasurable, is something I marvel at. Asses are plainly designed for fucking - perfect little holes of pleasure - a hollow shaft made for a solid one.

Genesis 1:27 says: So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

A basic attribute of God is his maleness and femaleness. Here we are at the beginning of the bible, and it's saying, "before we get into all the other attributes of God like alpha and omega, etc., lets start with the basic plumbing." So God is fundamentally a shaft within a tube? A screw in a nut? A piston within a cylinder? Apparently. And then he thought, "how cool would it be to make my basic architecture a totally ecstatic, hot and sexy thing?"

I gotta admit, I like the way he thinks...

I always wondered how God the Father - the male God - can make human beings male and female, and both be made in his image, but thinking about Grossao and his worship of male cunts, and how all the angels are male, and how Paul said that we will be like the angels, it's beginning to make some sense.

Another clue in the Gospel of Thomas:

when you make male and female into a single one, so that the male will not be male nor the female be female... then you will enter the (Father's) domain.

Wouldn't it just be hilarious if the true "Devine Feminine" was found inside a man's butthole?

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Devin said...

the Jorge Groassao character almost sounds like he was taken from a real life BraZilian named Jao Pauzao (haha now i wonder what Paozao if that is how its spelled -means!) of course Brazilian dudes have a rep for having huge dicks, libidos to match and sexual ability to match the dicks and libidos!! so any number of Brazilian dudes could have been 'it' I guess -also I think they have a bisexual rep -I enjoyed your fascinating interpretation of the 'watchers' from the book of Enoch also
hugs to you and Var!!

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