Oct 29, 2006

Object of Worship

I wonder, what is a penis?

It's a part of the genitals. Genesis. In the beginning. The generation of new life. The power to create life, to impregnate, to generate. Isn't the power to create the province of God - the Most High God? Didn't he create the universe? If he did, how did he do it?

If man is made in the image of God, then we have a big clue sitting right between our legs. A man creates with his penis. Does God, who created man in his image, also create with his penis? And is it his seed that is the vehicle of creation? Just like a man?

I wonder why there are happily married men who nevertheless visit cruisy parks and public toilets, just to suck cock? The mild-mannered accountant will happily suck the cum right out of you, and thank you for the privilege.

Why do characters in gay porn, when they first lay eyes on a dude's big dick, always exclaim "God!", or "Jesus!" Why is this most carnal piece of flesh such an object of worship?

Why are some men compelled to "exhibit" their cocks to strangers? What is so fucking cool about our dicks that we want others to see them? What are we "witnessing" about?

Why do Jews ritually circumcise their dicks? Why do they symbolically castrate themselves?

Maybe because our cocks are the one body part made most in the image of God?

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