Oct 7, 2006

Unlikely Bedfellows

Sci-fi, the bible and gay porn. Now there's some genres not often seen together, but I'm gonna try. Why? Because by reading them, and interpreting the underlying symbols, helps me get a grip on things way down deep -- at a level that I mostly just feel -- but that I still need to somehow understand intellectually (admittedly feeble as that intellect is).

The bible is of course, the bible. It's ground zero of Western symbols and myth, interpreted in thousands of ways by thousands of people over thousands of years. Biblical myth holds great power over me. Maybe it's just my upbringing, but that collection of books (and other apocryphal books) can make me cry tears of joy and repentance, and sometimes just look up to the night sky in awe.

The symbolic themes presented in sci-fi such as Star Trek are ancient in origin - the intrepid crew occasionally encountered the literal ancient gods, but more often the plots cloak the old myths in futuristic garb - the ancient races become aliens, the gods become entities of at best capricious omnipotence, at worst unfathomable destruction (the Q Continuum, the Crystalline Entity). Star Trek, Star Wars, The Matrix, these movies have mythic symbolic power, and I think that's the underlying reason for their immense popularity.

The interesting thing to me is that gay erotic writing and drawing (as found on the internet) also explore the myths; biblical, sci-fi, pagan/magickal. The really amazing thing to me is how some authors appear to be channeling myths unconsciously as they write, and I suspect that writing or drawing while stroking is the thing that causes it. I intend to analyze the underlying myths I find in *some* gay porn writing, and to compare them to biblical, pagan and sci-fi.

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