Sep 23, 2014

No Turning Back for Horus

I’ve been following this odd little local story that began on Aug. 15:

Overloaded ferry full of Seahawks fans has to turn back

To recap: The Seahawks resonate Horus, the hawk-headed son of Osiris. Seahawks “slaughtered” the Broncos at the Superbowl, 43-8. 43+8=51, a sacred number of Osiris, because Osiris was murdered by Set (according to legend) on March 17, or 3/17. 3x17=51.

Today, the official report on the ferry incident appeared in the Seattle Times:

Report: Bremerton-Seattle ferry was not overloaded, no need to turn back

A flaw in a handheld clicker led ferry dock workers in Bremerton to overcount the walk-on passengers, a state inquiry found.
A state inquiry found that a ferry carrying Seahawks fans to Seattle on Aug. 15 wasn’t truly overloaded the day it returned to Bremerton and 484 passengers had to walk off the vessel.
Rather, the real number of passengers on the 4:20 p.m. run of the Cathlamet was actually shy of the maximum allowable capacity of 1,200 people — the report’s best estimate is that the vessel carried 1,073 passengers.
Discard the zero to arrive at the magic numbers once again.

The Superman/Horus/Serpent King

The ferry’s name is the Cathlamet, meaning “stone”.
However, Set still refused to relent, and the other gods were getting tired from over eighty years of fighting and challenges. Horus and Set challenged each other to a boat race, where they each raced in a boat made of stone. ~ the conflict of Horus and Set
Set is called the god of the west, sunset, and also the god of desert storms. Horus is the rising sun, east, or son of the morning star.



Seattle Times article by Paige Cornwell. Osiris is the god of corn.

The "Hawks" once again defeated the Denver Broncos in battle this week.

In myth, the ferry boat is the classic transport to and from the Underworld, Hades, or the Land of the Dead. The "stone" ferry was traveling from West to East. I wonder if Osiris is paddling upstream in time, to return from the dead.

It will be interesting to watch who, or what, comes back from the dead, as Halloween approaches.

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