Aug 25, 2014

Wedding Crashers

Stela Maris
Var and I walked down to the NW Isis (Maritime) Center on Saturday afternoon, the 23rd of August. The patio was all set up for a wedding, with the alter standing at the foot of the dock, looking out to the sea. "Mary’s wedding" I thought. I noticed three powerful motor yachts rafted up together just offshore - three Sea RAYS. These high horsepower yachts resonated sea horses to me, arranged in a trident formation. Perhaps the father of the bride had arrived.

On SUN day, the 24th, a 6.1 richter scale earthquake struck Northern California, as synchronystically predicted by Loren Coleman in his 8/20 post Trident Alert, Watch August 24

Poseidon’s trident was aimed squarely at Napa Valley — wine country. Speaking mythically, the “country of wine” would be the Kingdom of Dionysus — the God of wine. We’ve studied Di quite a bit over the years here on Gosporn, connecting him to the ancient Greek mystery cults that likely became the early Christian Gnostic cults, with Jesus standing in for Dionysus in the role of ego-death savior. It is no accident that the most sacred of Christian rites involves a cup of wine, or that Jesus is called “the vine”. We suspect the wine was spiked.

Bacchus and his bride, Ariadne. Titian, 1522
Fun sync, the first miracle of Jesus recorded in the Gospels takes place at a wedding, in Cana of Galilee. As a favor to his mother, Mary, he turned the water into wine.

Tom Bacchus on the Vine posted a rare homoerotic update to his blog today. Bacchus was the Roman version of Dionysus.

Angels and Demons sync: Galileo and Galilee - a "union"of science and religion, or Ego and Id.

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