Aug 1, 2014

Dog Days of Summer

Monday last, a nuclear “super-carrier” steamed into Port Townsend Bay and docked at the Indian Island Naval Ordinance facility across from PT. We don’t get carriers much. The cool sync was that it was the USS Nimitz - the major prop in the 1980 time travel film “The Final Countdown”.

I checked out Netflix to see if the film was available and indeed it was. I watched it last night. Stars Martin Sheen as Warren Lasky, Kirk Douglas as Capt. Matthew Yelland, and Katharine Ross as Laurel Scott (Great Scott!)

They and the crew of the Nimitz are transported back in time by a temporal storm to December 6, 1941. They eventually figure out when they are, and launch an attack upon the Imperial Japanese fleet, ready to defend the USA against an event that had not yet occurred. But the temporal storm returned exactly at that fateful moment and returned the aircraft carrier to its normal time, thus saving the existing timeline from corruption from the future.

The film featured a rescue dog named Charlie, who became the property of Martin Sheen’s character after his owner was left in 1941. Martin has a son named Charlie.

My father, who was no. 41 on his high school football jersey, had a dog named Mike in his childhood.

My sister-in-law is currently in town, house-sitting and caring for a dog named Hannah. She has a daughter named Hannah.


Phoenicians called Sirius, Hannabeah (“the Barker”.)

I was shopping for shoes today in Port Angeles, and saw some Osiris brand sk8r shoes. Osiris is connected to Sirius (Isis), the dog star, as her husband.

But ancient Egypt provides the most regal history for Sirius. Initially, it was Hathor, the great mother goddess, who was identified with Sirius. But Isis soon became the major archetype, sharing honors with the title of Sirius as the Nile Star. An icon of Sirius as a five-pointed star (shades of the Golden Mean) has been found on the walls of the famous Temple of Isis/Hathor at Denderah. ~

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