Feb 6, 2013

The Year of Healing

With all the rumors of government conspiracy and god only knows what else, I thought it might be a good idea to focus on who really calls the shots in Washington DC and just about everywhere else:

The Almighty
The Man: He's not much, just looking at him, really just a paper tiger, but everything from birth to death to taxes is valued in dollars - the global fiat currency. He's the machinery behind every transaction from a street corner meth deal to the Wall St. loan shark bankers. And it all goes round and around thanks to a little scrap of paper encoded with the most magically powerful of symbols.

Much sync treasure has been mined from the symbols printed on the dollar, perhaps the most successful magical working - ever. A lot of magic is the art of imparting archetypal power to a physical object, and with the pyramid, all seeing eye, phoenix and all the rest, we can see quite a few of those archetypes inked onto the dollar bill.

The reason the dollar is green is that according to meta-accountants, every dollar bill loaned out is fertile seed, like a green bud of potential profit cast out to the winds. The "good seed" will return to the banker, with interest attached. How Pharaoh Osiris.

The $ sign is an S over a vertical bar: the serpent and staff of Asclepius, the divine physician. Also the brazen serpent of Moses.
Asclepius is the Greek god of health and healing. He is the son of Apollo, the Greek sun-god. His mother died when he was still in her womb and he cried out when her body was placed on the funeral pyre. Apollo cut the womb and pulled the unborn child out and declared that this son of his, Asclepius, would be responsible for the human fight against disease and death.

There is a more than a little irony between this ancient symbol of healing and the unfortunate truth that the dollar is the single most likely culprit behind global warming, deforestation, species extinction and war. Every detective always says, "follow the money".

One myth says Zeus killed Asclepius with a thunderbolt because he raised Hippolytus from the dead and accepted gold for it. What a curious thing, this power of healing connected to the power of money. These days, every physician and pharmaceutical company accepts gold, and plenty of it, for their healing powers. I wonder, is Asclepius still paying for his sin?

Anyway, it's got me to wondering. If Asclepius (hissing sounds, anyone?), the snake on a staff, is the god of healing (and more than that, the god of creative potential energy), and yet his symbol is associated magically with the Gaia destroying power of the American dollar, then something is seriously out of whack. It's almost as if Asclepius is held in some kind of bondage, that makes him work his powers of healing for the dollar bill, and the dollar bill, only.

I found inspiration in the American eagle - really a phoenix. I was driving by a strip mall last weekend and saw "Phoenix Games", with the flaming bird on the window. Can I release Asclepius from his bondage by another magical act - a ritual burning? Can I purify his symbol, by renouncing my claim check?

Releasing Asclepius from bondage

Today, I discovered 2013 is the Chinese year of the snake. I know it sounds presumptuous, but I declare 2013 the year of Asclepius, the year of healing.


Jeremy Huff said...

Right on brother. Are you familiar with the work of Tracy Twyman? "Alcanomics" she goes deep into the history of money and the magical work that it is. The "lead to gold" alchemy of creating worth as an idea projected onto a artifact.

Michael said...

Thanks, Mr. Huff. Yes, Tracy is "on the money" as we like to say. :-)

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