Feb 10, 2013

An Early Sprig

Varen brought home asparagus from Mexico a few days ago, on sale at the local Red Apple. Asparagus is my personal phallic symbol of spring - the green man, Osiris, Jesus, Lennon, and all the rest - so I was intrigued that it would appear so early this year at the local market.

Today, Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman synced his way into a porn feed with a spear of asparagus. He holds the record of eight straight wins.

Also, today is my dad's birthday, he died last year, FYI. I was at his 80th birthday party a year ago tonight... in Phoenix.

Varen spent $8.88 at the Red Apple.

Smells like resurrection...


Oh wait... that isn't Ronnie Coleman with the spear... It's some OTHER black muscle god. Jesus Christ, all you Osiris' look alike!

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