Dec 17, 2011

Keep the Sun in the Solstice

Apparently the Christian Taliban are going all out against the “War on Christmas” with a Keep the Christ in Christmas campaign, boycotting stores that say a simple “Happy Holidays” or something equally Satanic:
Target stores have been demonstrating their distaste for Christians and our traditions. Target has been one of the first to lead the way of political correctness and were one of the first to lead the war on Christmas. Target shows a distaste for Christianity in their open actions of being Gay friendly and have banned the Salvation Army. Target demonstrates that "Christ not in Christmas. Target has a war on Christmas and they also do not respect Thanksgiving. The Target stores do not appear to be concerned with the Ten Commandments of Jesus. BOYCOTT TARGET STORES Target boycott urged for Thanksgiving weekend!
What a coincidence that Jesus was born right after the winter solstice. What a coincidence he is associated with wheat, bread, wine, and the many symbols of fertility that surround a solar religion, the most basic being that he is “born again” every single year. What a coincidence that he was born, not from the seed of a mortal man, but from the seed of the Father - the Solar Father who gave birth to us all.

The solar symbol is the circumpunkt, a symbol of fertility and generation, also used by Target stores as their logo. I swear, these Christians have the worst aim.

“Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”

Note: Target is NOT “Gay friendly”, and is indeed the target of a gay boycott. So they can’t win for losing. Much like Jesus.

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