Jul 25, 2008

Looking for Andromeda

The capitals on top were in the shape of lilies. And so the work on the pillars was completed. --1 Kings 7:22

Michael Crichton's Andromeda Strain (1969) - is a techno-thriller novel documenting the efforts of a team of scientists investigating a deadly extraterrestrial microorganism which rapidly, fatally clots human blood. This novel established Michael Crichton as a best-selling genre author. Is that HAL on the cover?

7/17: 'O' "The Bee Keeper" posted his excellent graphic novel interpretation of 'Pollination', an erotic alien invasion story by Absman420, which imagines an Andromeda Strainish scenario of alien plant spores who set up shop in a man's testicles and form a symbiotic relationship that involves lots of sexy muscle growth. This following after The Little Shop of Miracles synch where I surmise that Audrey II represents Shiva/Jesus and the destruction of egocentric consciousness.

7/17 - 11:00 pm: I was hanging out late on the Kirkland waterfront with the last of the teenagers, watching the full moon rise. It was a beautiful night - warm, clear, a light breeze rippling the water. For some reason I thought to be there, like maybe the moon rays held an answer, down on the sand of the sea. I noted some plants at water's edge that reminded me of bullrushes. After a while I walked back to the car, and came upon a single white blossom on the lawn - trumpet shaped. I pick it up.

7/19: ADMIRE (homoerotic photo blog) begins with a Special Delivery Headline, and alternates pics of beautiful flowers with beautiful men.

FTD, the global floral delivery company, uses a wing-footed Hermes as its mascot - implying speedy delivery - of Gnosis. Gay men are called "pansies", and male florists are stereotypically gay. Hmmm.

7/20: I went back to the water's edge, by the light of day, and I noticed that those bullrushes were entwined with the vines of a white lily - Morning Glory. That must have been what crossed my path in the moonlight.

Like a lily among thorns is my darling among the maidens. --Song of Solomon 2:2

The Morning Glory is a vine with heliotropic flowers that blooms in the morning and dies at night. In my neighborhood it's considered a noxious weed, and keeps coming back from the dead no matter what you do. It's most often found growing amongst blackberry bushes - the dangerously thorny, and tasty - maidens. The nearby Catholic church ball field is swarming with it, natch.

Consulting the Google, it turns out that Morning Glory contains a mysterious entheogen, called Tlitliltzin by the Aztecs, and was used during sacred ceremonies in pre-Columbian Mexico. Modern day entheogen daredevils are eating the seeds, but there are cautionary tales out there on the forums - a dangerous and potent drug for the uninitiated. Morning Glory comes in various synchopalpitating varieties: "heavenly blue", "pearly gates", and my personal favorite: "flying saucer".

Jesus calls himself the bright Morning Star in Revelations 22:16 (signifying Venus), and Morning Glory happens to be a five pointed "star" - synching with Audrey II, the glorified VENUS Flytrap. All alien invasion and devouring monster myths represent fear of "ego death", or as Jake Kotze puts it: alignment with Galactic Center - AKA The stargate from the left brain to right brain, the Corpus Callosum, the Bifrost Bridge, El Camino.

In Star Wars II 'Attack of the Clones' Jedi Knight Obi-Wan visits an "invisible" water or "storm" planet called Kamino, where obedient clones are manufactured by "angelic" aliens. Cloning represents the egocentric fear of loss of individuality and the illusion (Maya) of self determination. Perfectly, there's a restaurant named El Camino in Fremont, Seattle - the funky neighborhood that bills itself as "The Center of the Universe" and holds the Solstice Parade.

Morning Glory on Youtube brings up this handsome Apollo grinding coffee - from the infamous lonelygirl15 gang.

Last night, V insisted on showing me some Georgia O'Keeffe paintings (while on an entirely different subject) and I couldn't help but notice the Morning Glories that frequent her work.

Last but not least, an interesting yacht appeared at the Kirkland public dock just before the full moon - a gorgeous blue and silver Italian Apreamare (SURE to get my ADMIRING attention) with the intriguing name: "Looking 4 Andromeda". Which is, I think, the best tagline that I've ever found.


The word 'Tlitliltzin' reminds me of Superman's Myxlplyx and Rumplestilksin, entities that can only be banished by saying their true names - same as Beetlejuice. I wonder what happens if you say 'Tlitliltzin' three times? It also reminds me of Blitzen, one of Santa's reindeer, pulling his sled/boat across the sky.


Jake Kotze said...

'Cloning represents the egocentric fear of loss of individuality and the illusion (Maya) of self determination.'


The Hal type circle dot (the astrological symbol for sun) is on the forehead of the blue Dr Manhattan of Watchmen and everywhere else.

Be well

indras net said...

Great post man. I always wondered about the blue lilly/morning glory symbolism connection. Theyre great for a journey as well, I highly reccomend them, I picked some up recently but I think i might actually plant them and watch em grow out. I like personal synchs in the blogosphere as well theyre always insightful and interesting. Keep up the great work I look forward to more.-kev

Michael said...

Thanks for the comments, guys. The idea of the daily Morning Glory micro-dose is appealing to me - tiny construction workers on the bifrost bridge, adding another lane.

Just Me said...

FTD has flowers delivered by Mercury. I wonder if Freddie Mercury had that in mind when he chose his stage name.

indras net said...

thanks for that link michael, you know ive always had a certain respect for LSA, in that it kind of bridges the gap into full initiation unlike LSD which changes the paradigm completely. i feel LSA lets you slowly ascend upon the ladder. I appreciate that link and plan on giving it a shot one day soon. My last MG experience was about 20 grams of the seeds ground and taken in a shot glass chased by water, it took about 3 shots and was a little difficult to get down. But it proved to be the most effective way to enjoy the effects of the seed. It very much had a visual affect as well as made playing music incredible. My best experiences are actually the reason that I took a liking to reading as a whole. I had an experience walking past a bundle of books in someones garbage on MG. i found myself amazed that only my species could decipher the coded symbols on the pages and even more amazed that deciphering them lead to understanding. Since then I guess ive been a bit more of an information addict no matter where the information comes from and less a reader of political nonsense. Im interested in how many synchronauts have had experiences with entheogens as they seem to be a catalyst for relative thought and hightened consciousness. Keep up the great work my man. - kev

anadæ said...

Holy beluga whale, Batman! Yes, hello, the rising & dying & resurrecting god Ololiqui & I Gno each other well. Why, an entire canopy of Pearly Gates has overtaken my flox & Lord Baltimore this summer, a flower bed kept as a memento mori for my first McNab, K'Ehlyer. What a magnificent beast she was, now hunting with Hekaté's hounds in the Otherworld.

I'm certain that Erowid's vaults have pertinent info on His summoning. Say, there's even a Morning Glory Church of Jesus the Christ in the Lone Star State!

As for Andromeda. She was the princess of Ethiopia, rescued by Perseus, vanquisher of the most notorious gorgon herself, Medusa, whose truncated head still turned all onlookers who caught its gaze to stone.

Talk about stone, don't be a bogart, bro, pass it over to me.

Michael said...

Kev - thanks for the personal MG insights. Cool.

Anadae - What's the story, Morning Glory?

Michael said...

Oh yea, almost forgot! I was walking Ginger the Oztralian terrier today and we came across a patch of Pearly Gates in the blackberry vines (my "darling" among the maidens), and I stopped to investigate, when I heard someone in a nearby yard call to her dog: "Lily! Lileeee!"

It's like, ALRIGHT already!! Sheesh!

Esperanto Grrl said...

One of these days, Mike, you should write a review to some of my muscle growth fiction. I'd be curious to see what you'd think.

Michael said...

EGrrl - thanks for the invite. My so called "reviews" are just notes I take about symbolic elements or archetypes I find that show up in a story. Homoerotic muscle growth is a rich vein for this kind of mining because the authors are generally entirely unconscious of intentional symbolism, yet because they are writing while they're jacking, some sort of strange and wonderful connection with the Source is in effect, and all kinds of wonderful things bubble up to the surface.

I would feel like a fish out of water reading a woman's erotic stories in the same way. But I may try anyway... :-)

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