Jul 17, 2008

The Gay Falcon

Sometimes I view “gay world” as if it was the cartoon network version of the real world. As above, so below. We have all the usual characters, except all the actors are men, so it’s like an olde Shakespearean play or Italian opera. And they always over act.

The one and only Anne Rice novel I ever read was ‘Cry to Heaven’, about Tonio Treschi (TT): high born Venetian heir who was kidnapped, castrated, and forced into the ranks of the ‘Castrati’ by the conniving of his disgraced elder brother/father who desired to replace him as the sole heir. Tonio as Osiris, and a nice re-imagining of the Enlil/Enki myth. Castrati played the roles of women in opera that forbade women to participate - another strange consequence of Catholic ideas about sex.

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that a man can play the part of a woman like nobody’s business, and vice versa. Judy Garland, is famous (besides going over the rainbow) for her black and white drag. A drag queen doing Judy Garland is like a man playing a woman playing a man.

A quick survey of gay porn house insignia (same as heraldic/sporting/nation state insignia) shows the same synchro-mystic themes popping up yet again.

Gay porn stars are "kept" ( like horses, footballers and movie stars) like chattel. We have this “Colt exclusive” or that “Hot House exclusive” model, who all fly the flag of their houses and fuck only house bro’s. It’s like I’m back in college, only more so. In Chronos order:

Flying the flag of Horus we have Falcon Studios, a long time champion.

A worthy competitor is Titan Media - which is nearly as ancient.

Colt has always fancied itself to be the high brow of the down low, with brands like 'Olympus' - home of the Gods.

There are many new gay porn houses on the circuit these days, too many to list, but I find two of particular interest:

Lucas Entertainment: Founded by Michael Lucas, AKA Andrei Treivas. Called “Gay Porn’s Neocon Kingpin”, the "Lion of Chelsea" and the "last of the New York porn moguls", He is also known for his outspoken views on Judaism and Islam and his criticism of drug use and unprotected sex in the gay community. Oy veh!

It’s easy for me to read too much into Lucas Entertainment titles like ‘Ray Star Bottom’ and ‘Rapture Inn’. The “rapture”, (root word “rape”), is the twisted darling of ‘End Times’ Christians, and it would appear only queers know what it actually means. But it begs the question, is Michael Lucas the George Lucas of gay porn? And what exactly would that mean?

Hot House Media, (HH) the house of my muse, Francesco D’Macho. A hot house is a green house, which is a carefully cultivated garden, an Eden, so to speak. This Eden chooses an orange sunburst diamond as it’s logo. Hmmm.

Combining Eden with the gay rainbow flag, we have strong syncs with Noah, the Flood, and by inference, the Golden Age of Atlantis. And what IS it about oranges? Our arch nemesis, Anita Bryant, pimped for oranges, for Pete's sake! I thought you'd never ask - I have a new theory:

The 1989 Michael Crichton novel Jurassic Park, features dinosaurs that were genetically altered so they could not produce lysine. This was supposed to prevent the cloned dinosaurs from leaving the park, forcing them to depend on lysine supplements provided by the park's veterinary staff. --wikipedia

The Eye of Raptor (Horus).

Like the dinosaurs in the park (garden) humans don’t have the ability to internally manufacture ascorbic acid, AKA Vitamin C. There are only three animals that cannot manufacture ascorbic acid in their livers - certain primates, fruit bats, and... guinea pigs! What's up with that? Maybe because we were designed that way, a sort of biological “leash” to keep us on the farm - Eden. Go too long without C, and you become a scurvy dog. Kinda like Star Trek's Jem'Hadar, who can’t go long without “white”.

Consulting the Google for “gay falcon” give up this interesting synch: 'The Gay Falcon', film, 1941.

The bold adventurer who's as smooth with the ladies as he's clever with crime!...Fiction's slickest super sleuth, created by Michael Arlen and portrayed by the star who thrilled you as "The Saint".

"The Saint" was Simon Templar, a thinly disguised Knight of the Order, played in the '60's TV series by Roger Moor. We have the Gay Falcon, Simon Templar and 007, all conflated, and perhaps Horus is the archetype they re-present.

See "The Falcon" solve the DOUBLE murder and diamond robbery that turned society upside down. Try and outguess the man who seems to know all the answers even before the questions are asked.




Today is 7/17 ( an Osiris full moon) and tomorrow, Heath Ledger's Joker is unleashed on the world in The Dark Knight. Jack Nicholson's Joker asked Batman (Michael Keaton, Beetlejuice): "Have you ever danced with the devil by the pale moon light?", which resulted in a flashback, and Bruce Wayne recalling the riddle from his parent's DOUBLE murder.

Last week in downtown Kirkland I spied a red Jeep Wrangler (used to own one, so they rez highly for me) license plate: Hawkeyez


Secret Sun said...

There used to be a gay club across the street from the Empire State Building (on 33rd St) called the Falcon Club.

JB said...

I find the tagline of "The Dark Knight" to be most disturbing, especially since some of the TDK posters have featured 9/11 imagery, like an exploding building with debris falling into the street, the explosion forming a flaming batman symbol (flaming bat = fruit bat?):


Sounds like the total anarchy of WWIII to me.

anadæ said...

And, in extrapolation to that red Jeep Wrangler that you saw, there used to be a gay porn star, Jack Wrangler. He eventually married an agéd, wealthy woman, yes, an agéd, wealthy WOMAN, whenafter the demand for him to appear in gay porn had waned, she attaining, in real life, the ultimate fag hag fantasy.

And, as you must've heard, eunuchs also fulfilled the role of royal advisor as well as that of, all depending, secret concubine or coveted choral singer & superstar singer of their time.

Interesting cross references with the classically mythologically charged monikers in adult homosexual entertainment. I can add to those another one, Centaurs, whose stable of "models" boasted male generative organs of equine proportions.

Michael said...

Chris - gay Freemasons - next to their fav phallic symbol?

Hi JB, welcome back! Technically, anarchy is not chaos, nor is it a system without rules, though the media would like us to think so. Actually, anarchy rules.

Anadae, great Wrangler sync. Mustang Video is another horsey, cowboy sorta name. "Privies like unto horses" is one of my favorite lines from the bible.

I wrote about the various roles of eunuchs (ancient and modern) in The Promise.

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