May 8, 2008


'Man does not live on bread alone'. --Luke 4:4

My head has been working overtime connecting a few Deloozian dots, brought about by the amazing equation:

Respect = Worship = Energy = Food of the Gods

In this world, energy is essentially invisible to us, though a roaring fire can be cozy. Mass is the only thing we can touch or own, though mass is also a form of energy, at least according to Albert: E = mc2. We know energy is essential for life, and we’ve learned how to harness fire, and then electricity, fission, fusion, and God knows what’s next. In religious texts, the spirit is said to be invisible and necessary for life - and it has finally dawned on me that they are one and same. Spirit = Energy.

Electricity is the ultimate symbol of invisible energy, which mythically even creates life - Frankenstein (who Mary Shelley called ‘Adam’). The Freemason Ben Franklin is famous for harnessing electricity via a kite (the power of the air in diamond cruciform) and thus illuminating the key. Which is like harnessing Zeus. The Sky God made Demiurge.

"...and one day, soon, man is going to be able to harness incredible energies..." --Edith Keeler - The City on the Edge of Forever

The symbol of both energy and idea has become the electric light bulb (a “Hermetically” sealed vacuum SPHERE). Thomas (the twin) Edison, the 20th century light bringer. Speaking of twins, everyone knows electricity requires two poles in order to flow - the positive and negative, black and white, duality. The spice must flow. The Gestapo SS symbol - two electric lightning bolts - lightning storm troopers? Throw a KISS to the boys in the band.

Twin poles like the twin towers, or the twin spires of so many cathedrals. If great symbolic monuments are built in order to collect human spirit energy, then perhaps they are literally vaults, saving up the worship energy over time. The older and more mythic an object, the more respect it garners - the more energy INVESTED. A piggy bank must be broken in order to make a withdrawal, and this apparently holds true for ALL vessels of symbolic power, from buildings to pop stars - the long established and sacred ritual sacrifice.

A "spiritual treasury"

The Catholic ceremony is called Mass - converting the masses into energy, (bread into the body of Christ) which is food for the Gods. Religious relics and shrines are great little dynamos, and it doesn’t even matter if the relic is “genuine”, as long as the worshiper believes it. Same energy made, and I’m sure it tastes great, though possibly less filling.

Stick 'em up.

The elite are frequently photographed making the sign of the “devil’s hand” - a twin fingered symbol. perhaps they imagine their hands sucking energy from the masses, like a toaster oven suckles energy from the (checkerboard) grid, via a plug. We have many twin fingered salutes, and maybe they all plug into the same outlet?

Electric motors operate by spinning, which reminds me of spinning wheels, planets, galaxies, merry-go-rounds, tornadoes, helicopters and stargates. Matthew has noticed the prominent placement of ferris wheels in the most mythically CHARGED locations, which makes them generators, spinning up the energy field like a turbine.

"Do you think my horns are sexy?"

The old Gods always had horns - symbols of power, especially sexual potency. Two nodes - plug head. Plugs have two prongs, and many have three. That prong goes to Ground, like a terrier. (Fertile ground, Gaia, earth, clay, Adam) I suspect the phallus is the third prong. Men don’t have horns (with the possible exception of GWB). Like Hellboy, our horns (our spirit energy receivers), have been either lost or cut off, but we do still have our grounding rods.

In 'Transformers', the cuboid Allspark was hidden beneath Hoover Dam, whose immense mass is compared to the Great Pyramid of Egypt, of which we are all so fond. Perhaps they are equivalents, with equivalent purposes. Curiously, the dam is the harness of the potential electrical energy of water. If we think of ourselves as water molecules in the river of cosmic consciousness, then maybe the damned are the dammed.

If Earth is a spirit energy mining operation, then we’re the workers on the surface of Bespin, making “Tibanna Gas“, while the “Overlords” float above in their cloud cities. I’m reminded that Cloud City’s Baron was a former space pirate. How interesting that pirates are all the rage.

Money makes the world go round, but it runs on oil. Oil = Energy = Spirit, so could it really be any other way that the world’s largest oil deposits lie directly below the richest source of Tibanna Gas? As Muslims circle the Kaaba in Mecca, do they create the black gold below?

I have a feeling I know why the basic rule “As above, so below” is so utterly reliable. Because the Gods never had an original idea in their lives. They simply made an earthly version of heaven, in every detail.

It's weird how the elite's heaven on earth is my hell. Maybe we can figure out how to reverse the flow. Pole shift, anyone?

Video: Kelly Clarkson asks for your respect.



Rock and Roll is obviously a huge respect/worship/energy maker, and it even has a shrine: the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. Designed by I. M. Pei (I am pie?), the same gent who gave us the Louvre pyramid. He sure loves him his tri-angels (sic).


JB said...

For some reason, I'm having trouble posting a comment for this specific article.

Great one, btw. I've been wondering about "horns of power" non-stop for days (thanks synchro-flow!), watching Hellboy and especially Pan's Labyrinth on DVD, God bless that crazy Del Toro.

wise woman said...

Most Excellent.
Perfect timing - this morning I was wondering about energy, thinking that by fighting the darkness we create the infinity loop - energy just keeps going back & forth. I've been wondering lately if it's not some kind of static, almost stagnant energy that we are up against - your descriptions & pic of the light bulb clicked - what if we are inside some version of a gigantic lightbulb with the same old energy looping back on itself endlessley - thats why disasters etc have to keep happening to keep that same energy moving. I don't know if energy can get stagnant, but when I look at our 'leaders' they're all the same - no light on inside.

Atlantean Times said...

No way my man..

I wrote this today...

Isn't it strange that we use the term MASS to describe a form of worship and the objects that are worshipped i.e the Stars which have MASS.

its part of this piece

which is all about mind control Orgone and gamma ray bursts.

i love that synchronicity


Christopher Loring Knowles said...

I thought the Devil and Kelly Clarkson were a nice touch. It reminded me of how Andy Stitzer cried out both "Kelly Clarkson" and "Fuck me in the asshole" while having his chest hair waxed.

That and the fact that American Idol is of the Devil.

Michael said...

Thanks for the comments, all.

JB - Tim Curry had some major hornage going on in the Tom Cruise epic 'Legend'. Tim Curry has some major gay mojo ever since Rocky Horror Picture Show, which probably needs a post all on it's own.

WW - I love it, thanks.

Gav - I read your article already, and I've been wanting to email you all day but haven't had the time. Major synchage. The whole mass thing... that's heavy.

Chris - You won't (or maybe you will) believe this but I was contemplating ending the paragraph:

"We have many twin fingered salutes, and maybe they all plug into the same outlet?"

with a wikipedia image of a buttplug, but I demured. Damn it!

Michael Skaggs said...

Michael, good post bud. Definitely we are aware of the "MASS" ceremony done in the structures created by those of "The Craft" upon the meridian lay lines of the Earth to harness this energy. I posted awhile ago, probably a year or so, on Tsarion's message board a thought on oil being "decayed negative energy" thats created from fear, depression, anxiety,etc. all those wonderful things they thrust upon us in this so called society. Can you imagine, them charging us up the wahzoo for "negative energy" they feed off us? Thusly creating more? OIL=Negative Energy Manifestation. I like the connection of energy connecting all this. Good work!

JB said...

Michael (and everyone else), I've finally posted a new article on my site. It links directly to "RESPECT". Your comments would be greatly appreciated.

Michael said...

Michael, great comment! Oil is black gold, created by negative energy, so they double charge us! Talk about cheek.

As oil the Peak Oil crisis deepens, the anxiety goes up, creating more oil, except far more dear. The Reptilians and the Oil companies are symbionts, each feeding the other with not only profit, but also creating each other's major commodity.

I feel like a cow in a great herd of cattle that has suddenly caught on to the system.

Anonymous said...


Back to my old tricks, peddling old and widely neglected theories.

Riddle me this...

Do recall an early 'Kotze', before his video series, that describes WTC Seven as a Mary/Isis resonator?

And of course you see that the three pillars of the male plug in have a certain Masonic je ne sais quoi?

Look at Isis in the tarot and you'll get my meaning. The three pillars are the three prongs of power. Isis (correctly pronounced EEz-EEz) is the terminal wall of the electrical Matrix.

For fun get together with a few friends and chant EEz-EEz together in a meditation circle and watch the Matrix melt away. P.S. This is dangerous, don`t really try it. I dare you.

So the three pillars, prongs of power could be Judaism, Christianity and Islam. They squabble over Jerusalem. The temple mount was the site of a giant battery. Look at plans of Solomon`s temple... you`ll see it.

So it seems the battle for POWER is shockingly literal.

For my perspective, it seems that 9-Eleven proves the end of the long standing Abrahamic Triumvirate.

The Freedom Tower, One Glowing Braid of Eternal Electro Plasma, if it lives up to it`s name will bring unlimited POWER into the hands of Humanity.

Dec 21 2012 we shall find out what will do with it.

Peace Good Western Man,

Da WWWiz

Michael Skaggs said...

I beg to differ with Mr. Leclair, there are too many occult resonating symbols and numbers laid within this "Freedom Tower" for it to be something that will bring about unlimited power for mankind...Look at the numbers and symbolic/occult meanings inlaid in the construction of the building...

To quote from the IlluminatiMatrix:

As stated on the number 7 page, the new Freedom Tower will be 1,776 ft. tall. 1,776 divided by 2 = 888, the number devoted to total control. When you multiply 8 x 111 = 888. When you add the three 8’s together, it equalls 24. Their are 24 hours in a day. When you assign the whole of world history to one day of 24 hours, the United States of America is the last empire to rule the world during the 23rd hour of history. More will be said on this in future pages. Suffice it to say, that 23 coincides with 11, which is the number of death, and therefore the United States is the empire of death, as concerning the freedom of humanity. This will culminate in the attempted cull of the majority of the earth’s population within the next few years.

Their will be 72 stories of office space in the Freedom Tower. That is 6 sets of 12 or the number of the paradigm (average) man. 72 also coincides with 12 on the 6th clockface, making it a number associated with the full circle of deceit. The number 6 is also the number of the christ/antichrist, which is the luciferian entity in control of this whole lunacy.

60 stories will be topped by 10 stories of open air retail / restaurant space. 60 plus 10 = 70 a number of completion. What completion? The war on humanity of course. The war to completely control our wealth, our health and our awareness. This tower is a twisting maze of steel and glass. (Be certain to read Page 13 and see the massive symbolism in this building). Steel symbolizes the iron of the luciferian strength and glass is symbolic of the crystal that the serpent brain relies on and lives by. The actual building is 1,500 ft. high. 3 x 5 x 10 x 10 = 1,500 ft. 15 is the number representing the deity thought form (lucifer). The communication spire is 276 ft. tall. 1,500 plus 276 equals 1776, the year America became a country on behalf of the lucifer entity. This makes the Freedom Tower to be symbolically 888, the number of total control, just like the country of the United States of America.

I would love to be more positive, but electricity is indeed thought form brought into reality, it can be extinguished unfortunately. Awareness is different though, so there is hope.


Michael said...

Hi Wiz, your insight into the electrical nature of Solomon's temple is "key", and the third one is currently(!) arising in lower Manhattan - the final Manhattan Project. It's a giant Tower of Babel that will finally free man (and spirit) from the abyss called earth. At least, that's my reading of it.

Forgive my feelings of unease about this Great Work - I agree with Michael, the tower is some sort of trick - and no treat.

fmmh said...

Absolutely brilliant! . . . But why choose this experience on earth your hell? Positive attitude benefits self and negative attitude fuels the beavers (a.k.a. damn builders).

Michael said...

Thanks for the comment, FMMH. Yea, negative emotions feed "them", so why have them? Great question for which I have no real answer.

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