May 12, 2008

Apple Inspires Eve

Apple is an influence upon the upcoming Disney Pixar release, Wall-E.

CNN Money writes that when designing the movie's heroine, Eve, director Andrew Stanton described her as "high-end technology – no expense spared" and wanted it "to be seamless and for the technology to be sort of hidden and subcutaneous." --Macnn

Pinwheels anyone?

Added 4/14:

Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference, scheduled for June 9-11, has sold out for the first time ever. Attendance at the event has rapidly grown as interest in the Mac platform has snowballed in proportion to rapid new sales of Macs. --Apple Insider

What's wrong with this picture?


Michael Skaggs said...

Oh no way, another "Eve" this time the perfect robot right? LOL So what are they doing this time you think? Re-enacting creation (becoming gods themselves...I guess cloning isn't working out so hot so now the Robotic agenda full circle?) or pushing the artificial intelligence forward so we'll see how superior the machines are? I guess it's Apple's turn to take the limelight and remove some focus off Microsoft...

Thanks for the heads up!

Michael said...

The bottom line of panspermia is that mankind was genetically engineered from apes by an alien intelligence (Which may be true, I don't know). Eve the robot is to her inventors as Eve the woman is to God- AKA aliens.

Most of these stories end with the misunderstood and overworked robots rebelling against their masters. We'll see what Wall-E (note the double L) proposes.

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