Jan 30, 2007


These G-men cover illustrations came across my virtual desk recently, and I really love them! G-men is a Japanese gay rag, done in the fabulous style for which Japanese publications have become justifiably well known. But to hell with the style, look at all that beef! And oh yea, the wonderful expression on the guy's face as he's being adored by his pet Doberman. Japan has strict "morality" codes that prohibit printing stuff like erect cocks diving into hungry asses, so they somehow sublimate it all into wonderfully suggestive poses that are at least as hot as the full monty.

Sometimes, I think homosexual repression has it's good side. Only a repressed Japanese could create art this fuckin' good.

"Traditionally, Japanese ninja fighters were always accompanied by a pet dog. Usually small dogs who were treated most gently and sweetly by these giant, tough warriors. Why? It was a lesson in the ways of Zen. To know you had great power and strength but never to use it on a helpless and vulnerable person or thing. To respect the weak and elderly, the very young, or perhaps a small dog easily hurt by rough and careless handling. It was always a reminder to only use their strength against those who threatened in aggression against them or to protect those who could not defend themselves." -- Jayman

It's a good reminder to me that all that studly male muscle is more than a turn-on. It's useful - it gets things done, and it's especially sexy when it's being put to a good use (like defending the weak). No muscle, no movement, no deeds done on earth, no nothing. Is it the muscle that turns me on or is it the power that is manifest within them? The will, and the strength to "make it so"? The ability to pile boulder on top of boulder... to make. The Maker.

Art: G-men magazine. Click to enlarge.


buff said...

That's a lot of prime beef. WOOOF. Thanks for sharing

Only wish it was hairy muscle.

Big hairy muscle hugs.

Steve said...

Sadly G-Men seems to have gone in a new direction now and no longer uses these illustrations on the cover of their books. I managed to buy a few - from amazon.co.jp - they're absolutely fascinating inside - a mix of manga, photoshoots, personals, ads - and usually with lots of blacked out cocks ;-)

There's a gallery of the artist's work here

I've got three of the covers hanging on the wall in my flat - scanned them in, scaled them up & framed them - look great ;-)

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