Feb 6, 2007

Man's World

FanTCMan is a writer who has developed a consistent erotic muscle growth theme - you'd probably find the plots tediously repetitive if you didn't find them hot (which I do - FanTCMan never fails to get me off). He essentially tells the same story over and over, only the names, locations and details are changed. Somehow, it's endlessly erotic.

Myths work in the same way - stories that keep retelling themselves - the tales of Hercules is retold as Superman. The legend of King Arthur is retold in the Lord of the Rings, and then again in Star Wars. We love these myths, and the endless retelling of them. The bible does it too, telling stories that repeat themselves (the younger brother is blessed over the elder, etc.) over and over, with only the names and details changing.

Man's World is the story of an alien invasion. All the men on the planet are led away to become sex slaves to the new invaders, except that they're all made to like it! The characters are two normal (straight) teenage boys who resist the invasion, so they're put into a cell together, with nothing to do but watch gay porn all day and night on the huge monitors, and listen to a strange recorded message that repeats itself over and over:

"You're a man of muscle of muscle and sex. You are your cock. You are your muscles. You are driven by your sexuality. You need nothing else. You want nothing else. You need to grow. You are a total expression of your masculinity. You can let go of everything else. Let go. Grow. You want your cock to be huge, masculine, powerful. It is everything. Your testicles rule your mind, make you grow. You need to be huge, to excite, to let go of everything but your sexuality. You want nothing else. Let go. Grow."

The only items in the cell are two hypodermic syringes, each loaded with the liquid that will turn the boys into massively muscled, horse hung gay fuck machines. Eventually, the boy's wills cave in, and they take the shots. Very hot fucking ensues.

In Hinduism, Samsara is seen as ignorance of the True Self, Brahman, and thus the soul is led to believe in the reality of the temporal, phenomenal world. The state of illusion is known as Maya. The bible calls this illusion a deception, and it is personified in Satan - the deceiver. Satan is said to be the ruler of the earth (but not the ruler of all). which means that he holds every one of us in a state of Maya, of illusion. We don't see the true nature of the world or of ourselves - especially ourselves. it's as if we're held in a kind of prison, a prison in which we can't even see the bars. Like any good 12 step program, the first step out of this perceptual prison is to acknowledge that it even exists.

"...the kingdom of the father is spread out upon the earth, and men do not see it." --Thomas 113

In a world held completely in Maya, there is no end to the possible mischief. We're easily turned around and made to love evil, and to despise what is good. We call a lie the truth, and we believe that the truth is a lie! In such an ass-backwards world, any ACTUAL reality that might appear would, to us, look totally alien. Like an alien invasion!

In Man's World, we see reality appearing in the world, on a mission of mercy. It has to break the Samsara that holds us in our state of degradation (poverty), and because we believe the illusion and not the reality, we resist. It takes considerable deprogramming for the boys to let go and take the shot, which in fact is a sort of inoculation against Maya. When the illusion vanishes, then the boys see themselves as they really are: "Men of muscle, of muscle and sex..."

"When you come to know yourselves, then you will become known, and you will realize that it is you who are the sons of the living father. But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty." --Thomas 3

Art by Sean Platter

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