Aug 16, 2015

Eye Wide Shut

Dream: I was near the water or perhaps on a boat and could dimly see a huge submarine below - a gigantic shadow moving beneath us. If I closed one eye or the other, I could suddenly see the submarine very clearly, even all the details, but only with one eye closed. It had some blue masking tape stuck to it in places. Don’t remember much else - there was some kind of military operation going on, with subs, a cruise missile and even a trimaran heading out. Red October was vaguely mentioned. I think they were heading east.

The submarine and the trimaran are obvious “subconscious” symbols for me, I’ve blogged about them for years - see Nemo, Neptune, trident, etc.

Lately I’ve been tracking personal “one eyed” syncs, and I say personal vs. mass media because the one-eyed pop star has become such a cliche of Illuminati, MK Ultra conspiracy theory that I hate to even mention it.

Nonetheless, the idea that my experience of reality is a mirror between the conscious and subconscious aspects of my mind has a lot of pull for me, where the concepts of Narcissus, reversed text, palindromes and backwards masking meet at the Looking Glass. So when my subconscious tells me to look at myself with one eye, I listen.

When I was a kid I saw a TV sci-fi movie about a voyage to an identical earth that was in orbit around the sun, 180° from our current position. In other words, the planet was invisible to us, because the sun always stood directly in between. The only way you could tell which earth was which was by the writing - all the signs on anti-earth were written backwards, in all other aspects they were identical. I've tried to find it again but so far no luck. It may have been British.

Yin and Yang, Christ and Antichrist, matter and dark matter. A fundamental principle of our universe is duality, nicely represented by the mirror. Many people yearn for an end to the illusions of duality, that we might all be “one”. I’m not so sure. Every sailor knows that his boat only goes when he learns to artfully pit wind against wave, or air against water. The forces in opposition and in balance create effortless forward motion, out of balance is a disaster for ship and crew.

To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction.
- Newton’s Third Law of Motion

Perhaps we currently have way too much of One, and not enough of the Other. The forces of Yin and Yang are out of balance. Who will bring balance to the Force?

As a curious aside, the online homoerotic writer’s forum “Narcissus Cursed Men Collection” closed this week. Definitely heading through the looking glass, eyes wide shut, or not.

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bot mtl said...

NCMC is now hosted at Big thanks to Hugh Michelsen who took it upon himself to save the archive.

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