Apr 8, 2015

The Street of Dreams

Biff's Casino Coming Soon
4/7/15 Dream: I was touring some kind of real estate development in a car with some realtors. It was dark and snowing lightly, the wind blowing the snow into sparse dunes. Most of the development was full, but one big lot sat undeveloped, I was told that Biff’s Casino would go there. 
We got out of the car to look around and some big, strong dogs were there, running and sniffing around through the grounds, checking everything out. I felt comfortable with them, like they were protectors more than threats. Occasionally they would get closer and I could see how unusual they were. Fore the most part they were just big dogs, like Mastiffs but their skulls were made of thick transparent glass or plastic, and their eyes and teeth softly glowed with an emerald light. 
One of the dogs noticed I was staring intently at his head, and he said: “You want to know what we are made from. We are made of Storm”.
I’ve long connected Biff Tannen to Set, the Egyptian god of the desert and storms, war and chaos, and the chief antagonist in the Egyptian myths. In the Biff timeline, Biff kills George McFly playing Osiris, with Marty McFly playing his son - Horus the Avenger.

Set represents our hidden collective subconscious. Biff is a perfect example of the subconscious run amok, he’s even called Mad Dog Tannen in BTTF III, perhaps a reference to Set’s penile/dog-like appearance. Set is also gay (see here) and I don’t mean gay like the couple down the street who are recently married, attend church and keep their yard so nice. I mean gay like this:

Biff/Set is an unlikeable fellow and an even more unlikely hero, but remember that Isis spared his life. Maybe she has plans for him - back in the future! Which is now.

Perhaps a clue is to be found in the design of Biff’s Casino, an upthrusting monument to Biff, "the Luckiest Man In the World". Biff’s Pleasure Paradise Casino & Hotel is based on the “real life” Hotel Plaza, Las Vegas, NV, and I put “real life” in quotes because everything about Las Vegas is fake. From the guzzling of water in the desert to the stones of Caesar’s Palace to the tits of the showgirls to the money that makes the mirage possible. It’s all completely, utterly, fake. The Grand Illusion.

The thing is, Biff’s neon sign in the entry shows him burning up money. Apparently he has no respect for the dollar - in the town that the dollar built. I mean, that’s like burning up the flag, only even worse. In this respect, he is much like Batman’s Joker. They both have money to burn, and it’s all stolen.

However, all the money in the LV casinos is also stolen via legal gaming, as is all the money in Wall St., often called the "Casino". It seems to me that Isis is betting on Set to break the bank. A long shot, but who knows, he just might shoot the moon in the game of hearts.


Biff, the sunSet in the WEST burning cash, vs. Clint EASTwood and his fistful of dollars. “Do you feel lucky, punk?”

Emerald tablets of Thoth embedded in the crystal skulls of storm hounds.

BTTF is all about real estate: who runs Lyon Estates? Whose dreams really do come true?

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