Apr 11, 2015

Depeche Mode Jesus

Some rare images of Osama Bin Laden not carrying an AK-47 or scowling released recently, before Easter.

We’ve long noticed the odd parallels between Osama Bin Laden (“Obama Sin Laden”) and the life of Jesus.

The obvious being that both Jesus and Osama challenged the “money changers” in the “Temple of Solomon”, and for that crime they were both crucified in “Jerusalem”. The info graphic pretty much nails it.

These new “Christ-like” images are no doubt sending a message. Perhaps OBL has been “born again” in the mainstream media, and will one day take the place of Jesus, that well meaning but sadly deranged Messiah figure. It seems so pre-arranged.

My personal belief system takes a big earthquake to shake, and these are big quakes. It would appear that the PTB are expertly playing us, creating disasters and Messiah figures as they will, tugging our subconscious wherever they want it to go, and all the while collecting the payment of interest. For all I know, the Jesus myth was just another psy-op.

Psy-op Jesus. The King Kill ritual that keeps on giving.

Happy Orthodox Easter, everyone.

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