Mar 6, 2015

Crashing the Phoenix

I think I may have inadvertently caused Harrison Ford’s airplane crash.

It all started when I watched the scene in The Rocketeer when Howard Hughes throws the blueprints for the X-3 rocket pack into the fire and says:

“Tell him (the President) the dream is over.
Tell him Howard Hughes said so.”

Now, this is a tragic statement, because the rocket pack represents the Holy Grail, Ark of the Covenant, Emerald Tablet of Hermes, the return of Horus AND the Second Coming. At least, it does to me.

However, I have a strange idea about fires, because I suspect that if you burn something up in our 3D world, it may appear in another dimension. Nothing is ever lost or destroyed. So burning it actually “brands” it into the collective memory - an entry into the Akashic Record. Book burners beware.

So, last week I got the idea to create a new set of blueprints for the “rocket pack”, and to toss them into the fire on March 3, or 33, and say:

“Tell him the dream has been relit.
Tell him Howard Hughes said so.”

The thing about Howard is that he may have started out as the real-life Tony Stark, his end was anything but. He was a man who knew too much, and apparently wasn’t too keen about playing along. Harrison Ford, on the other hand, is keen about playing along. He’s the Hollywood Grail seeker, Pilot of the Millennium Falcon (Eon of Horus), CIA operative Jack Ryan, AND even the POTUS in Air Force One. He’s an actor playing the President -much like Ronald Reagan.

Harrison was flying a WWII vintage trainer, a Ryan PT-22 Recruit, No. 50.

50 states in the union, PT conjuring the PT torpedo boat of JFK, 22 being the Joker card, and Ryan is sync code for Orion, the Hunter. Has the hunter become the hunted?


Thanks to Red Dirt Report for making the Howard Hughes connection.

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Red Dirt Report said...

Great post! What is interesting is that Phoenix or "phoenix" has been repeatedly spoken here - if not the city, the bird rising from the ashes. I was uttering it last night as Phoenix played Brooklyn in basketball. PHX. Syncs with 2010: The Year We Make Contact. Thanks for the h/t, too!

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