May 20, 2014

Time is Running Out!

This is the last week of our Indie Go Go campaign for the Olympia Sync Summit. We are still quite a ways from our $5,000 goal.

We are writing today with some urgency in order to remind you that the Indiegogo funding campaign and ticket pre-sale for The Olympia Sync Summit is coming to a close this week. There are only 5 short days left and we need your support. Please consider it!

Click here to purchase your tickets and/or make your donation now. We thank you in advance!

The funds will be used to produce the event (venues, travel expenses & lodging), but they will also go toward documenting the weekend in film and audio for those of you who are unable to attend. We rely on your support and generosity. Thank you again!

Olympia Sync Summit Indie Go Go Campaign

From day one, Sync Book Press has been a proponent and a sponsor of events in this community facilitating live, personal meetings. There is gravity and a resonance that is so real and can only be experienced by sharing space in the same room and therefore, we want to meet you! We want to share an authentic moment with you this summer in Olympia, Washington, but we need your help. Your support has been integral to our success thus far, and we hope you will consider this plea to produce this awesome event this summer. Please join us!

Further event details can be found here at

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