May 18, 2014

Paper Tigers

Earlier in the week, I walked by this Wall Street Journal mailbox across the street and noticed that some hornets were building a nest.

Yesterday was the great Rhody Parade in Port Townsend, where the first marching band down the street was The White River High School, for some reason I became fascinated with them, I think it was the song they played - I have no idea what it was, except that I’ve heard it many times before - must be a marching band classic. Anyway, WRHS is the Hornets.

Today I was walking around Point Hudson and this beautiful blue Hudson Hornet slowly drove by, as if on parade, just for me. That’s three hornets in a row. (and WTF with the HH?)

Hornets make paper houses, my nephews attended a high school with The Papermakers’s mascot - same thing.

“Paper” is the 3D printout of reality made by the collective subconscious, call it the tapestry of Arachne - the “web”. I was thinking the other day about the New York Times, who’s slogan is “All the news that’s fit to print”, and it makes me wonder if perhaps the real papermakers are bit done with the NYT, the Journal, and all that. They might be printing some paper of their own, right inside the Wall Street Journal. Call it creative writing.

I love how the media calls Putin a “paper tiger”.

A zebra, with teeth.

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