Mar 21, 2014

Vladimir's Spear of Density

Am I Vladimir Putin's only gay fan in America?

I mean, I know the media has painted some recent Russian legislation as if the next step is to open up the gay gulags, but like Jimmy Somerville said back in 1984:
Things that your liable, to read in the bible, ain't necessarily so. 

I love Lady Gaga as much as no one, but whatever, the gay thing is a tempest in a teacup compared to what Putin accomplished last week in the Ukraine, which was a total smackdown on the US empire, and those in charge, therein (assuredly, not "we the people"). Epic it was. Some have said that Putin is the greatest Russian leader since Peter the Great. I don't doubt it, and apparently he is already living up to his name, impaling the empire on his "stick".

Perhaps that is the subliminal and esoteric explanation for the great media war between Vlad's spear and the pussy Riot.

“For the West, who has enjoyed global hegemony for so long, the slipping away of its power and prestige – all based on the illusion of its strength – leaves the world facing a dangerously desperate entity willing to do anything to reestablish that illusion. The sitting heads of state across the West, including, and perhaps most symbolically, US President Barack Obama, endlessly creating “red lines” the world boldly walks across exemplifies just how diminished that illusion is..."
~Tony Cartalucci.
A red line? Vladimir is busting the hymen wide open on our collective Virgin Whore of Babylon.

You can feel the change of mood in the blogosphere. A new hope... As if Putin is saying for all of us, that the empire can be beaten, the ring can be returned to the lake of fire, the death star (Saturn) can be destroyed. And he's even short! I've always thought short guys were hot.

Even Newspaceman is uncharacteristically buoyant this week. Perhaps this spring will be an Easter to re-member, as in, Horus/Jesus finally gets his groove back. The sun always rises in the East.



The title is intentional.

My thanks to Michael Colhaze for alerting me to the sexual courtship aspect of the Ukrainian Affair.

And of course to everyone at The Mask of God who taught me that it's always all about sex and death, and that Kubrick was right about the iconic sexual nature of the relationship between the USSR and the USA, but perhaps missed the mark on who would actually play the top.

Vlad the Impaler and the Turkish Envoys. Painting by Theodor Aman.

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