Mar 15, 2014

The Big Orange Sync

A few days ago, I walked by an enormous orange sink that was laying in the driveway of a local pot farmer. It must have been 6' long by 4' wide. I have no idea what he uses the sink for, but maybe demand is up? I told Var "that is the biggest fucking sink I've ever seen!" He replied "That is the orangiest fucking sink I've ever seen!" So that's how the Biggest Fucking Orange Sync came into being.

So naturally, I see orange cars on BaT and we visit Home Depot (land of the orange apron), and Varen even buys some orangy carrot juice. Even a boat blog gets into it today: "Back when I was in college I had a job building snowshoes and one of my tasks was painting the snowshoes with an international orange paint." ~Boatbits.

Yesterday we were driving home from Sequim, following the 501 bus, so I decided to take a pic, since 501 is an important number for me, among other things being 51, or 3x17, the day of Osiris' death. As I snapped, a bright orange Jeep sped into the shot on the left. Great timing. I know that Jeep well, it parks in front of the County Courthouse every day.

The reason for the season

Obligatory green hunk

As all we Secret Sun followers know, the upcoming St. Patrick's Day, on 3/17, is a crypto-Masonic/Egyptian holiday, with the "wearing of the green" honoring the death of Osiris, AKA the Green Man. So I tied the orange to St. Patrick's day, and I thought that was rather odd, considering that green is the standard color, but one look at the Irish flag and we see also orange.

The Irish government has described the symbolism behind each colour as being that of green representing the Gaelic tradition of Ireland, orange representing the followers of William of Orange in Ireland, and white representing the aspiration for peace between them. - wikipedia

The Dutch William of Orange conquered all three British Isles, and made himself monarch over them all. He is known as King William III in England. Much ado about William III in various conspiracy/occult blogs.

And then of course, remember the ritual sacrifice of the orange clad Broncos at the hands of the Horus resonating Seahawks on Sunday, 2/2/14. Final score, 43-8 = 51.

Today, I was on a kayak site that uses an orange Wadjet as a kayak; Horus paddling his solar boat over the horizon.

St. Paddling Day

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