Sep 10, 2013

Healing the Curse of the Black Pearl

The Schooner Adventuress
Argh! Me Maties!!! Having just returned from the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival, it's talk like a pirate day here at Gosporn. Today is also the tenth of September, the day before 9-11.

There are two pillars at the gate of the Temple of Solomon, there are two masts in a schooner. "Never forgive" is the voice from the pillar of Severity. It is implacable in its resolve, unending in its desire for justice. We have heard only this voice for the past 12 long years. I laid awake all last night, thinking about these cursed twin pillars - Severity and Mercy. I was thinking about a healing ritual.

In part, I was inspired by the pirates at the PT Wooden Boat Festival, who kept entraining me with odd syncs. When I was on parking detail, a woman asked me for special parking, as she was attached to the yacht Blackbeard.

When I was on dock detail, a girl came up to ask me where I might find the yacht Blackbeard, she had a box of wine glasses to be delivered. Eventually, I even heard a girl mention Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, to her parents as I walked by.

The Curse of the Black Pearl is a Masonic healing ritual, disguised as a pirate movie. The only thing that can placate the pillar of Severity is the pillar of Mercy. So a scapegoat must be created, either real or imaginary (preferably both), and who willingly goes, like a lamb, to the slaughter. This is the very heart and core of the Jesus ritual - saved from judgement by the blood of the mercy lamb.

This is the 12th anniversary of the destruction of the Third Temple of Solomon. I wonder... will the temple be restored on the same day it was destroyed? Will the curse be forgiven? Will there be a resumption of sacrificial worship?

Only Captain Jack Sparrow knows fer sure. Arghhhhhh....

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